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The demand for NFT domain names is increasing by the day and has come in as a flag bearer in the NFT domain name spa

The demand for NFT domain names is increasing by the day and has come in as a flag bearer in the NFT domain name space. It has created a friendly platform for anyone to come and mint an NFT domain name on while also creating an energetic and active community that constantly interacts and trades web3 domain names. has created an absolute craze for web3 domain names with TLDs such as the .metaverse built on the ethereum blockchain hitting the top of the charts. The utilities and benefits to these NFT domains are out of the roof and simply too good to be left aside.

The NFT domain names are a ticket to the internet of tomorrow as the websites on Web3 will be hosted on these NFT domain names. So owning one would open up the opportunity for you to host a decentralised website putting out any type of content you desire on the web3 without the interference of a third party. That’s just too good to be true but it is. Here’s how you can log on to and get yourself an NFT domain name.

What is minting an NFT domain name on

NFT domain names are built on the basis of blockchain and are minted on the blockchain itself. Therefore they are secure, transparent, individually acquirable and just better than any other conventional domain name. Therefore to mint an NFT domain name is to add to the public ledger of a blockchain. Now if you want to mint yourself a domain name go to and connect your metamask or trust wallet. Then search for the preferred NFT domain with the preferred TLD from the list of TLDs.

Once you find the one, check if it is available. If it is, then you will see a mint button. You can press it to initiate the transaction and then complete it by confirming it on your crypto wallet. That’s it, you own the NFT domain name now. You can store it in the crypto wallet or use it on the ecosystem. How will you be able to use it? Here’s how the ecosystem will help you use your NFT domain name.

Use cases of NFT Domains on the ecosystem

NFT domain names are not resolvable on normal web browsers. This means that you will not be able to host or browse web3 domain names on the normal browser. To solve this, the ecosystem is about to introduce a chrome browser extension that allows you to browse the web3 as well as to use your NFT domain names that you minted to host decentralised websites on the web3. That’s a double win if you look at it.

Another way your NFT domain name would prove beneficial to you would be the replacing of crypto wallet addresses. Your crypto wallet address could be replaced by your NFT domain name and then used to do transactions. This will be easier than using the default hexadecimal crypto wallet addresses that are tough to remember and can be easily mistaken for a different one. This isn’t all though, as the ecosystem progresses, there are many more uses to your NFT domain that will come forth in the foreseeable future.

What if you wanted to sell the NFT domain name?

The NFT domain name will become yours once you mint it. There is no renewal or hidden fee. Now, let’s say you wanted to sell your NFT domain name. How would you do it? Well, has a P2P marketplace where you can list and sell your NFT domain name to other people of the community that are interested in your NFT domain name.

Now, if you are the one that originally minted the domain name, then you will be earning a royalty every time a transaction is made for that particular NFT domain name that you minted. That’s another reason why you would want to hurry and mint yourself an NFT domain name. See you at minting your brand new NFT domain name.