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Through its NFT domain name minting service, hopes to increase the acceptance of NFT Domain names worldwide and help

People often worry that they are transferring cryptocurrency to the wrong address. Thus they double-check the address before sending it. The wallet address consists of many letters, numbers, and symbols that you should probably verify the information after copying and pasting it. To facilitate the situation, has introduced NFT domains. How would it help in the above scenario? Read on to know.

Through its domain name minting service, hopes to increase the acceptance of NFT Domain names worldwide. The NFT domains can be used as a replacement for a user’s crypto wallet address. Not just that, it can also be used to host an IPFS-based decentralized website once Quik’s browser plugin is released.

The Advantages of Using NFT Domains Provided by

Unlike conventional domain names, the NFT domain name needs to be purchased just once. There will be no need for further renewals after that point.

Your NFT domain is safely kept in your wallet, just like other digital assets, so it is easier to monitor and verify.

Compared to standard domains, NFT Domains are stocked with various additional other perks.

Are the NFT domains of secure?

The NFT Domains you purchase from are extremely safe because they are stored on the blockchain behind your account. This means their level of security is commensurate with that of the blockchain.

It’s an extra layer of protection because no one but you can block the domain. Thus your site will never go offline because of censorship.

What are the Features of the NFT Domains Offered by’s NFT Domains offers a few unique benefits. Due to the nature of NFT domain ownership, this ‘one-time payment’ and ‘no need for yearly renewal’ are quite appealing. Only the owner may disable the NFT domain, making it censorship-proof.

Since NFT domains are created on the blockchain, they can also serve as a payment gateway. Smart contracts can be utilized on any website and could be used to build websites incorporating decentralized apps (dApps).

The most prominent and appealing feature of’s NFT Domains is its ability to provide users with a personalized address for a wallet that can handle several cryptocurrencies.

After the initial setup is complete, you must remember your NFT domain name, and any future purchases will be credited to the appropriate cryptocurrency wallets you’ve specified. You’ll benefit, and so will everyone who wants to send you cryptocurrency.

In the meantime, please be aware that the NFT Domains will be inaccessible until Quik releases its browser plugin.

Which top-level domains (gTLDs) are available to mint?

The number of mintable NFT top-level domains (TLDs) has increased to ten. Here are the ones on offer right now:











How do I go about purchasing these NFT domains?

Get your own NFT domain by following these easy steps:

Link your Metamask or Mobile Wallet by going to

Check if the NFT domain you seek is registered by searching it on the site. If the NFT domain is available, it will present a MINT button.

To mint, the NFT Domain, simply press the “Mint” button.

Confirm this transaction by approving the transaction in your wallet.

As soon as the transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain have been validated and verified, the NFT domain will appear in your profile.

With’s ease of use and NFT domains’ potential in the Web 3.0 sphere, there’s no reason to put it off any longer. The number of NFT domains is limited, so get your NFT domain minted immediately.