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Because the NFT domains are generated on the blockchain, they can be used as a payment gateway. They could also be used to bu

One of the most common concerns when sending crypto to yourself or others is verifying that you have the correct address. Because the wallet address is such a complicated string of characters and numbers, even a simple copy and paste will almost surely result in you double-checking everything. By introducing NFT domains, hopes to relieve this problem. intends to encourage bitcoin and cryptocurrency usage worldwide using its NFT domains. Users will be able to use the NFT domains to host decentralized websites utilizing IPFS and as cryptocurrency wallet addresses once Quik launches its web browser extension.

Minting of NFT Domains is Live on

The Advantages of’s NFT Domains

  • An NFT domain has to be purchased only once.
  • The interaction of people using crypto addresses is simplified.
  • Your NFT domain is unaffected by censorship and is kept in your wallet.
  • NFT Domains have additional features than standard domains

Are’s NFT domains safe?

NFT Domains from are extremely secure because they are stored on the blockchain behind your account, making them as secure as the blockchain itself.

It’s even more secure because no one but you can block the domain, guaranteeing that your site is never taken offline due to censorship.

What Are the Best Features of’s NFT Domains?

NFT Domains from have a few distinguishing characteristics. Given how domain ownership typically operates, the idea that it is a one-time payment with no annual renewal is extremely appealing. The domain is also censor-resistant, meaning no one other than the owner can take it down.

Because the NFT domains are generated on the blockchain, they can be used as a payment gateway. They could also be used to build websites with dApps built directly on them, allowing smart contracts to be used on any site.

The biggest and most enticing feature of’s NFT Domains is that it allows you to get a simple address for a wallet that stores all different cryptocurrencies. After you’ve set it up, all you have to remember is your NFT domain, and your purchases will be directed to the wallets you’ve created for each cryptocurrency. It is useful not only for you but also for anyone you wish to accept payments from.

Note that the NFT Domains will only be usable once Quik launches its web browser extension.

What NFT Domain TLD’s are currently available on

There are now 9 NFT domain TLDs that are currently available for minting:










Aside from them, the .BTC extension should be available for minting on’s platform soon.

On, how do I get these NFT domains?

Connect your Metamask or Mobile Wallet to to log in.

Look for the NFT domain name you want. Many NFT domain extensions will be visible. If your preferred extension is available, click the Mint button.

Approve your minting transaction in your wallet.

Once the transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain have been confirmed, your profile will show the NFT domain.