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Quik has launched an accessible and easy-to-use Blockchain domains marketplace to fuel the innovation toward Web 3.0.

The decentralized web or Web 3.0 is expanding rapidly and becoming more accessible than ever. Blockchain domains are an exciting development in this decentralized network. They have the power to revolutionize domains and the online world. And you can sell, mint, and purchase these crypto domains with Quik.

Unlike traditional domains, blockchain domains are suites of smart contracts – software available on a public blockchain that gives them an added layer of transparency, security, and functionality.

The history of NFT blockchain domains goes back to the initial days of cryptocurrency. In the pre-smart contract era, their functionalities were limited.

However, today, we have smart contacts and the ability to express complex relationships, making the potential for crypto domains much more compelling.

Conventional domains facilitated Web 2.0 by replacing IP addresses of web portals, but their centralized and non-transparent nature offered them limited functionalities.

Looking at the course of history, we can see a clear lack of innovation over these domain names, including payment methods used in their trading. That’s exactly what Quik aims to disrupt.

Quik for Blockchain Domains

Quik aims to accelerate innovation in the soon-to-be trillion-dollar blockchain domain industry with the dedicated payments to blockchain on its platform.

“Crypto domains are registered over a blockchain’s public ledger, which offers users tons of benefits and functionalities. They have the potential to fuel the innovation towards the transition to the internet of tomorrow. And we at Quik aim to become a bridge to Web 3.0,” said Sahil Kohli, Founder of

With its alpha launch in March, Quik currently offers a series of NFT-based blockchain domains, including:

  • .metaverse
  • .doge
  • .shib
  • .nft
  • .bored
  • .chain

Users can use it to the domain name of their choice and mint on the blockchain to turn them into crypto domains. They can browse domain names of their choice and attach them to a blockchain extension if available to mint or move it to the public ledger.

It allows users to claim ownership of the blockchain domain, securing themselves a building block of Web 3.0. In addition, users can also use blockchain transactions to list, purchase, and sell conventional domain names.

Centralized Vs. Decentralized Domains

Crypto domains offer a broad range of functionality compared to centralized domain names.

The decentralized nature of NFT domain names allows users to build a website on it on a public ledger, free from any censorship. On top of the website, you can build a working application and link it to your crypto wallet to make transactions.

Since you are the true owner of the blockchain domain, there is no renewal fee once you purchase it.

Since its launch, Quik has been using ETH, GT, and BNB for the payments on the platform using protocols like ETH-721, BEP-721, ETH-1155, and BEP-1155. Users can also mint NFT domain names on the smart contracts of these blockchains. As Quik grows, the team is planning on integrating more protocols.

Quik aims to make the entire transaction process of trading crypto domains a lot safer, efficient, transparent, and anonymous with the entire procedure.

Quik aims to offer a whole new selling, acquiring, and minting crypto domains to overcome Web 3.0 innovation barriers.

Become a part of the internet of tomorrow by registering yourself at today!