Skip to content The Future of Domain Names, NFTS, and Metaverse Avatars Plans to Launch in 2022 is anticipated to launch in 2022 and will facilitate licensing, buying, and selling domain names, NFTs, and other me is excited to announce its plans to launch its premium domain names marketplace, an NFT marketplace, and a Metaverse marketplace.

Focusing on ever-popular domain names and other NFTs, Quik allows sellers to list them on its marketplace for buyers to purchase.

Quik marketplace is unique compared to other platforms since all its transactions only happen on the blockchain via Ethereum. It allows the system to add a new level of transparency and enable complex hexadecimal wallet addresses to turn into easy-to-remember names. Simultaneously, regular domains aside, Quick’s blockchain-based domain names also allow censorship-resistant websites.

Web3 is Going Mainstream

Web Three is gradually moving into the mainstream. The idea behind the W3 is that the future internet would be entirely decentralized and based on blockchains.

Every user on the network will manage a small portion of the communication and computation, leading to a server-less network.

These blockchain domain names are highly demanded because they offer familiarity between Web Two and Web Three.

According to Quik, we can remember our email addresses because they are choosable and simple. The same is happening with blockchain domains; they add convenience at every stage of crypto adoption.

In addition, users can also use them to build decentralized websites. They can connect it to their social media accounts or set up real-time communications.

A short .com domain name is a rarity today. Users have more flex the shorter their domain name. It has become a status symbol, indicating that you were early to something. The same phenomenon can explain the frenzy over blockchain domain names.

Domain Names

Domain names have a massive potential to be a part of the huge blockchain disruption.

At present, 59.5% of the entire world’s population uses the internet. Domain names are being sold at their peak, with the industry estimated to reach 1000 billion USD by 2027.

Some recent instances include the sale of for a whopping 345 million USD and the sale of the domain name for over 49.7 million USD.

Imagine what would happen if we moved 50% of these domain name sales on the blockchain? That’s what Quik is aiming at since these domain names are not like any regular URLs. It means you can’t connect them with your browser without special plugins.

Nonetheless, these blockchain domain names, also known as crypto domains, are suddenly in high demand as crypto and metaverse are gradually becoming mainstream.

It is also comparable to the dot-com era, where there was a surge in demand for domain names as it was the easiest way for people to get discovered on the internet. Even at that time, in the 1990s, sellers minted millions.

Quik is a crypto marketplace dedicated to empowering businesses and newcomers in the market. It is fast, secure, and has no hidden fees.

The platform is currently in a constant improvement state with many revolutionary features still in development set to be implemented in the upcoming future.

As of now, many crypto marketplaces are complex for both beginners and experienced users with high gas fees and lack adequate customer support. Quik is here to resolve these issues with its next-gen, highly-sophisticated solution to ensure a seamless, transparent, and fast user experience.

As NFTs, metaverse, or Virtual Worlds expand worldwide, domain names are the next big thing. With a combination of regular domain names, blockchain-based domain names, metaverse names, avatars & NFTs, will help build the most powerful infrastructure for the digital world.