PureStake launches service to support Polkadot’s Kusama – Polkadot News

PureStake has revealed the launch of a validator service for Kusama, which is an experimental network that originated to test Polkadot. As per the declaration, KSM holders are now capable of staking their tokens with PureStake.

Kusama allows the developers to create and extend a parachain or test out Polkadot’s staking, governance, validation, and nomination functionality. Also, the network will operate separately from Polkadot but will hold 1% of DOT tokens as an incentive reserve for Kusama’s stakeholders and community.

The Boston-based staking startup renders a secure and reliable service that utilizes an infrastructure-as-code method with multiple cloud environments across AWS, Azure, and Google clouds. Derek Yoo, the CEO of PureStake, affirmed, “Our Validator service for Kusama is the first of several planned infrastructure services in the Polkadot ecosystem. Polkadot and Substrate dramatically reduce the barriers and friction that traditionally have come with building blockchain networks, while at the same time allowing for application specialization. We believe that these technologies will drive significant innovation in the blockchain space.”