Prime suspect behind a $24 Million bitcoin fraud scheme arrested at Bangkok Airport

The mastermind behind the bitcoin fraud scheme in which a Finnish investor lost 5,564 bitcoins has been arrested.

Prinya Jaravijit, who is the prime suspect in cheating Finnish national Aarni Otava Saarimma out of bitcoin worth 797 million baht (around US$24 million) was arrested at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on October 11, as indicated by the Bangkok Post. The supposed mastermind of the fraudulent scheme had been living in the United States where he fled to after the capture of his younger brother, Thai TV on-screen actor Jiratpisit Jaravijit otherwise known as Boom, who was additionally ensnared in the connivance.

After cross-examination by Thailand’s Crime Suppression Division, Prinya was indicted early Friday where the police raised protests to his bail. Prinya deals with two indictments of plotting in fraud and conspiring in money-laundering.


Surrender Order Overlooked

The capture comes almost  a month after Prinya was issued with a surrender order. As revealed by CCN, the Criminal Suppression Division had given Prinya until the point when September 17 to surrender yet he stayed on the loose. Preceding the surrender order, Prinya had been approached to profit himself for cross-examination on September 14 yet he neglected to appear. This drove the Crime Suppression Division to issue a warning such that removal procedures would be started if Prinya kept on dismissing summons.

“The suspect was then requested to come in on Monday and on the off chance that despite everything he overlooks it, significant offices will be reached to endeavor to take him back to confront indictment,” the deputy commander of the Crime Suppression Division, Chakrit Sawasdee, said at that point.

Not long ago it was uncovered that Thailand’s foreign ministry had repudiated Prinya’s passport and this was done in line with the Crime Suppression Division. This rendered Prinya’s stay in the United States indefensible since he wasn’t in control of a legitimate passport. With his passport renounced, his move back to his country was encouraged by the Thai embassy in the United States.


The Whole Family Suspected in Fraud

While the case in which Prinya and his accessories are blamed for inviting the Finnish financial specialist to put his money in a scope of investments including openly recorded organizations had at first even reserved in a noticeable Thai stockbroker, Prasit Srisuwan and an innovative entrepreneur, Chakris Ahmad, now the suspects’ rundown is largely made out of individuals from the Jaravijit family. This is after Saarimaa achieved a settlement with the two agents.

Other than his younger superstar brother, Jiratpisit, different individuals from the Jaravijit family who are present suspects incorporate Prinya’s younger sister, Supitcha. Moreover, Prinya’s folks and his more seasoned brother, Tanasit, are booked to appear in court one week from now to reply to charges of money laundering.


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