Cryptocurrency payments rising on Pornhub.

The crypto payments surge on one of the most popular adult websites: Pornhub


The cryptocurrencies have been witnessed to be adopted by the medium scale merchant stores as they provide faster transaction confirmations. They have undoubtedly provided better service than the traditional market, as they have opened up them for global use through its completely online nature. According to some reports, Bitcoin was once the number 1 cryptocurrency to be used by the lawbreakers for all the illegal activities like money laundering, transfer of drugs, child trafficking, etc. More recently, a number of prominent adult content websites like pornhub have been incorporating Bitcoin as a mode of payment for their premium subscriptions.

Why cryptocurrencies in the adult industry?

The cryptocurrencies have an upper hand in the adult industry when compared to that of the Fiat currencies. Embarrassment can be avoided in the bank statement, if one uses their personal debit or credit cards, for the purchase of subscription packages using cryptocurrencies, as they provide a higher level of anonymity. Hence even the users also are comfortable in using their services through cryptocurrencies. Some of the traditional payment systems were restricting themselves from the usage in the Adult Industry, but as the cryptocurrencies are completely decentralized in nature, they are efficiently able to incorporate it. Some of the most popular adult content websites which have been using cryptocurrencies as their payment methods are Livejasmin, Naughty America, Pornhub, Xotika, Playboy plus, etc.


Pornhub- The leading player

Pornhub has been one of the major players in the industry which has constantly been updating itself, with the requirements of its users. With better privacy-focused cryptocurrency coins in a market, it has been accepting coins such as Verge and TRON. Incorporation of Verge in April 2018 into its payment process has provoked it’s usage, by the customers without leaving any form of trail behind. The website even claims to have been confirmed over more than 1000 Verge transactions.

Corey Price, the vice president of Pornhub, was witnessed focusing on the usage of cryptocurrencies for an increased privacy. He said, that the website is one of the most visited in the world with 90 million daily visitors and they were completely cornered to meet the growing requirements of its customers.  He even mentions that the cryptocurrencies are preferred over the usual legal tender as they provide us with better privacy as well as anonymity tools.


Payments rise on Pornhub

The cryptocurrency payments have constantly been increasing on PornHub with Verge, Tron, and ZenCash currently being the three cryptocurrencies supported. The Verge payments on Pornhub has faced a spike. The precise reason might be the incorporation of its private ledger. Although the public ledger was providing enough privacy by a layer of encryption network which made it difficult for hackers to track IP addresses. Pornhub considers Verge to be a prominent cryptocurrency which would assist in their business expansion.  

Further developments

Even a number of dating websites have incorporated cryptocurrencies. In fact the number of dating, projects have been developed based on the Blockchain Technology, in order to provide a complete transparency between the male and female. The traditional dating websites were the trend of the previous decade, and such recent similar development incorporating Blockchain are expected to mark the future dominance in the field.



The Cryptos have proved to be a lifesaver for a number of prostitutes, over the world as many banks were witnessed to seize all the transactions if they suspected it’s customer to be working for the adult industry. The cryptocurrency has not only provided them with the transactional facility but also an added anonymity. Even the aristocratic clients have found them very useful to keep their sexual habits a secret.

The adult industry invariably provides satisfaction, to the customers in need of it but it has become an obsession with the younger generation, as there is no restriction for its usage. Hence one needs to have self-control over the usage of Smartphones and such websites as they hinder one’s development on a broader frame of reference. According to studies, such content provides instant gratification, which stops us from putting furthermore effort, in order to gain something more valuable in life as we are always drawn towards this particular short-term happiness.