Police arrest hundreds for running website that sold child pornography for bitcoin – Dark Web News

Police authorities from different countries cracked down on a massive online child pornography ring. Hundreds of people were arrested that had a link to the website. The South Korean-based website sold child pornography images in exchange for cryptocurrencies. Users had access to over 250,000 videos depicting child sexual abuse.


Authorities from the US, Spain, and South Korea seized a dark website that sod child pornography for bitcoin. The name of the website was Welcome to Video, and it had over 250,000 videos that depicted child abuse. Police described the network as one of the largest operations they had encountered to date, as reported by The Guardian.

US assistant attorney general, Brian Benczkowski, said that Darknet sites that profit from the sexual exploitation of children are among the vilest and reprehensible forms of criminal behavior. US Justice Department informed that the police rescued 23 children that were being abused by the users of the Darknet website.

Police arrested Jong-Woo Son, who operated the Welcome to Video. 337 users in 12 different countries are also charged for engaging in this gruesome crime. Son, who is currently serving an 18 month prison time in South Korea, is also being indicted in the US. The justice department informed that the site collected at least $370,000 worth of bitcoin before it was taken down, and money was laundered through 3 different crypto exchanges.

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