PayPal CEO only holds one cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman revealed that he only owns the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin. The CEO also shed light on why PayPal decided to part ways with Facebook's cryptocurrency project Libra.

In an interview with Fortune, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman revealed that he only owns one cryptocurrency, and that is bitcoin. Talking about why PayPal left Libra, he said that it was not an acrimonious divorce or anything like that. He also wished Libra the best of luck for the future.


PayPal CEO only holds bitcoin.

When PayPal CEO was asked about whether he personally own some cryptocurrencies, he replied: “Yes, bitcoin…only bitcoin.” During the interview, he also revealed that the company is working on blockchain and cryptocurrency, and they wish to participate in that technology in whatever form it takes in the future. However, the CEO did not reveal what the company is working on exactly.


Parting ways with Libra

PayPal CEO and president explained why their company decided to part ways with Facebook’s crypto project Libra. According to the CEO, it was a question of where the company wants to put their attention. He said that if they focus on their own road map, they would be able to advance financial inclusion faster than if they put all these resources against Libra.

Dan Schulman also said that Libra would start going down the road that his company remains very interested in looking at, and once Libra starts to figure things out, PayPal would take another look at where they are, CEO added.

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