Paris court orders Alexander Vinnik to remain under arrest.

The Paris Court has ordered Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik accused of money laundering to remain under arrest. Vinnik was extradited from Greece to France last week.

Alexander Vinnik is accused of running a massive money-laundering scheme through his crypto exchange BTC-e. The exchange was seized by authorities a few years back. The US authorities have accused him of laundering four to nine billion dollars. Vinnik is also wanted in Russia and France for money laundering and other crimes.


Vinnik’s lawyers have ten days to file an appeal.

Paris court ordered Vinnik to remain under arrest for his own safety and to comply with future investigations. According to the Tass report, lawyers of Alexander Vinnik have ten days to file an appeal. Vinnik’s lawyer Timofey Musatov said that the judge announced the verdict, which in principle was pre-determined and fully supported the prosecutor, saying that he will be left under arrest to satisfy future investigations.


Alexander Vinnik was arrested in 2017 in Greece.

The accused bitcoin launderer was arrested on July 25, 2017, in Greece on the request of US authorities, where he stands accused of laundering $4 to $9 billion using his crypto exchange. He was finally extradited to France against his desire to go back to his homeland and face charges there. Greek authorities decided last week to extradite Vinnik to France, Russia, and the USA.

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