Opera’s latest android browser supports bitcoin payments – Bitcoin News

Web browser Opera has announced to introduce bitcoin payments for its android version. Along with transferring bitcoins, the browser supports bitcoin payments for goods and services. The new version introduces a refreshed UI with theme support, integration of bitcoin, and Tron blockchains. The inbuilt bitcoin wallet is designed to synchronize with the Opera browser Reborn 3 for desktops.

Popular web browser Opera has launched bitcoin payment and transfer services for android users. These new features are the finalization of a beta announced on July 10, 2019, which allowed users to transfer bitcoin and Tron from its inbuilt crypto wallet. The new version would also allow users to interact with decentralized apps on the Tron network.

This integration has come as positive news for the crypto market as it could increase the visibility of cryptocurrencies among its more than 300 million users. Among all the popular web browsers, including chrome, safari, UC browser, Opera is the only one to have a digital wallet integration.

Last year in July, Opera tested an Ethereum digital wallet as a step towards ” Web 3.0″ with the aim of decentralized future built on a blockchain. Along with bitcoin transfers, Opera’s android wallet supports bitcoin payments for goods and services.

Alexander Aryan
Alexander Aryan
After completing his Masters in Business Administration and Management from the California State University, Alexander dedicated his life into studying and writing about bitcoin and the technology behind it as he believes it to be the money of the future. Apart form being a writer, Alex is also a great speaker and loves to participate in blockchain events.

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