OneCoin scam co-conspirator is trying to get his sentencing postponed.

The Onecoin co-conspirator, Mark Scott, is trying to get his sentencing postponed. Mark Scott was convicted on November 21st last year on various counts of fraud.

Co-conspirator of one of the largest crypto scam, Mark Scott, is trying to get his sentencing postponed until April 21st. Mark was convicted on two counts of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and the conspiracy to commit money laundering. The founder of OneCoin and the main conspirator of this monster of a scam, Dr. Ruja Ignatova, is still on the run. 


Sentencing is scheduled to take place next month.

Mark Scott was convicted for his involvement in the OneCoin scam. According to the letter filed by Scott’s lawyer, Scott is seeking to push the sentencing date to April 21st, 2020. The court was supposed to announce the sentencing on February 21st. Mark Scott can use the time to file for acquittal or retrial. The court will have three weeks to respond to Mark’s filing. 


Mark Scott laundered $400 million via banks in Europe.

In 2016, Mark formed several fake private equity investment funds in the British Virgin Islands. It is estimated that he laundered over $400 million proceeds from the OneCoin fraud scheme. He filed down those investments as investments from wealthy families from Europe. Scott was reportedly paid $50 million for his services. It was also reported that he used the money to buy numerous luxury cars, seaside homes, and a yacht. 

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