Old habits never die: Parity delays Ethereum hardfork

Parity, the blockchain infrastructure company that helps in running the core of the Ethereum network has caused a delay in the planned dev’s hardfork until 6th September.

Notes from Ethereum Core Devs Meeting were provided by Pooja Ranjan, founder of EtherWorld in which the Parity core developer Wei Tang mentioned how the organization would need two more weeks for their updation. After this, the dev’s can takeover and proceed with the procedure of selecting the block number for the Istanbul fork.

September 6th is the deadline for the groups to include the Ethereum Improvement Proposals(EIP). The devs further added the mainnet hardfork could only be involved once a testnet block number is picked and this may further delay the mainnet fork selection process. Earlier, the testnet block number was to be selected on 23rd August, but now it is delayed.

The mainnet hardfork was estimated for October 4th, but now it can take place in November depending on how Parity makes progress and speeds up the work. A technical discussion related to the increase in gas costs for actions or functions as it would break some smart contracts which use a fixed gas amount differently.

Wei Tang suggested to sort out the gas prices issues before a hardfork is implemented since it will become impossible to fix it once the fork occurs. This decision might delay mainnet’s launch even more. The Ethereum blockchain is nearly full, and this update is needed right now. The mainnet hardfork that was estimated for October 4th is now facing delays, and this can even stretch till January in the worst-case scenario.

Vineet Chaudhary
Vineet Chaudhary
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