OKex subsidiary OKLink Launches USDK Stablecoin

The long-awaited moment comes to an end today as OKLink, a subsidiary of OKEx finally launches the USDK stablecoin, today, June 3, 2019.

The plan to launch the USDK started with a strategic partnership between OK Group and Prime Trust, a crypto custody firm, back in March 2019 as announced by Star Xu, founder of OKEx.


However, the recent launch was confirmed by OKLink’s official Twitter account on June 2, 2019, as copies of the agreement were shared.

The USDK is an ERC-20 stablecoin pegged to the dollar. USDK will be joining its predecessors and rivals, the Tether, Gemini dollar, and USD Coin in the cryptocurrency market.

USDK is presently listed on the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange as it pushes its way through to global adoption.

What To Expect Next

It’s been an exciting year for OKEx, its founder, and the development team with various partnerships and exciting projects to be released shortly. Apart from its latest quest, launching the USDK stablecoin, the company is in its final stages of launching a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, dubbed OKChain.

OKB, the exchange’s native cryptocurrency will then be moved from its current states (being an ERC-20 token) to being the native cryptocurrency on the OKChain network as soon as the blockchain platform becomes stable.


OKEx Exchange and the OKB Token

The OKEx exchange ranks second place according to the Coin Market Cap platform. The exchange has well over 400 coins and tokens listed with a daily trading volume of over $2 billion in the past 24hrs.

OKB, on the other hand, currently trades at $1.51 with a total supply of 300,000,000 (three hundred million) OKB tokens. The token had a trading volume of over a hundred million dollars in the past 24hrs.


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