North Korea’s Bitcoin interest increasing as the country holds 2nd Crypto-Blockchain Conference.

North Korea is always under suspicion for being part of some notorious projects or for funding weapons of mass destruction with the help of cryptocurrencies. Recently, an announcement regarding the second cryptocurrency and blockchain conference was made.

The conference is the second of its kind, and it will take place in February. The first conference took place in April 2019, and it attracted about 100 people. North Koreans considered this as a success for them, and they promised a larger second conference. Spanish Korean Friendship Association┬áis sponsoring next years conference while North’s Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries is organizing the conference.

In this conference, digital devices are allowed, and internet access will be available within the premises. U.S. citizens are also allowed to attend the conference and be a part of the event. The conference dates are 24th-25th February, and Pyongyang Science and Technology Complex is the venue for the conference. The structure of the complex is like an atom which was opened by Kim Jong-un in 2016. Private business meetings can be expected to be scheduled on 26th February.

In the past, North Korea was accused of stealing around $2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies which were used to support the development of weapons. South Korean and Japanese exchanges were identified as the targets for this theft, and phishing was used to hack into user accounts.

This conference can be seen as North Korea reaching out for help in making crypto advances along with the propaganda value by giving the world a sense of openness while sending a warning for the West. However, conferences have been a way out for North Korea to increase tourism in the country and a travel itinerary is ready for the crypto event. This includes a tour of the Tower of Juche Idea along with a two-day ski trip.