North Korean hackers are using Telegram to steal bitcoin.

Research shows that hackers from North Korea are using encrypted messaging app Telegram to steal bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from victims.

The hacking group Lazarus Group, with links to North Korea, has come up with enhanced capabilities in order to target individuals and organizations around the world, according to the Independent report. The North Korean hacking group so far reportedly has stolen cryptocurrencies from victims in the UK, China, Poland, and Russia.


Hacker lured in victims by setting up fake trading groups on Telegram.

The North Korean hacking group lured in victims by setting up fake trading groups on the Telegram messaging app and setting up fake cryptocurrency websites. The hackers send malicious links on the sites and groups that infect the target’s device and give attackers access to user data.

North Korean government had also previously been accused of stealing cryptocurrency as it helps them evade sanctions and use those funds to develop nuclear weapons. A UN report showed that North Korea earned nearly $2 billion in cryptocurrency by hacking online exchanges and organizations.


Ethereum researcher was arrested for allegedly helping North Korea.

In November last year, former Ethereum researcher Virgil Griffith was arrested for illegally traveling to North Korea and helping them evade sanctions using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Virgil Griffith is currently out on bail, but he has been formally indicted for “conspiracy to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.” It has been alleged that Virgil gave a presentation to North Korean officials about the blockchain that could help the Kim Jong-Un regime evade economic sanctions put on by the USA.

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