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Nokia Aims for Metaverse Growth with 2030 Strategy

Nokia's Technology Strategy 2030 aims to capitalize on the growing metaverse, Web3, and AI trends. The company plans to invest heavily in its network portfolio to meet future demand.

Nokia is gearing up for the future of connectivity, targeting the expanding metaverse, Web3, and AI in its Technology Strategy 2030. The company anticipates a significant increase in network demand by 2030, driven by advancements in generative AI and virtual reality devices.

To meet this demand, Nokia plans to heavily invest in its network equipment and services portfolio. The company will focus on various ecosystems, including the Internet of Value, AI, Industry 5.0, API economy, and Cloud continuum. In particular, Nokia's metaverse strategy will emphasize human augmentation, spatial computing, and split processing.

Nokia has already taken steps to explore the metaverse, establishing labs in 2022 to study related technologies. In 2023, the company experimented with industrial and wide-scale metaverse initiatives. One example includes using augmented reality to assist Cessna aircraft technicians at remote airports, demonstrating the practical applications of the metaverse.

Additionally, Nokia is exploring the concept of "MetaHumans," digital twins that go beyond visual representation to include internal traits such as emotions and cognitive states. These digital twins can be used in industrial simulations to optimize work strategies, enhance safety measures, and improve performance and output.

Nokia's forward-looking approach underscores its commitment to embracing emerging technologies and preparing for the evolving digital landscape.