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NFT Domains are the new hype: launches minting of 9 TLDs including .Metaverse

NFT Domains are as safe as the Blockchain itself. Since they are decentralized, no one can ban or censor them, making them ev

What is the first thing you do whenever you have to transfer crypto to another person? Double-check that you have the correct wallet address. Even if you are copy-pasting it, you still double-check! What if someone said you could have a custom address for your crypto wallets? That’s exactly what you can get if you mint your NFT domain names. This is only one of the features among many features of NFT domain names. To know more, continue reading.

Features of NFT Domain names from

NFT domain names from have many additional advantages compared to traditional ones.

  1. They have to be purchased only once. There will be no renewal fee of any kind after you mint it.
  2. You can use it as a replacement for your wallet addresses, making communication easier.
  3. They can be used to host Web3 sites using the IPFS file system
  4. There is no censorship on your sites hosted on Web3 with these NFT domains (Since it is decentralized) is building a whole ecosystem where these features of NFT domain names can be fully utilized.

About Safety of NFT domains

The NFT domains minted on are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. They can be verified on the public ledger as well. So, there is no need to worry about the safety of NFT Blockchains. They are as safe as the Blockchain itself. Since they are decentralized, no one can ban or censor them, making them even safer.

What kind of TLDs are available in’s ecosystem? has a wide varities of trending top level domain names (TLDs). Currently one can mint below TLDs:

  1. .metaverse
  2. .vr
  3. .chain
  4. .address
  5. .i
  6. .bored
  7. .doge
  8. .shib
  9. .web3 keeps adding more TLDs very frequently. There is a limited number of each type of TLD. So, they are going to be super unique and rare as well. You can choose your NFT based on what kind of Web3 site you desire to be hosting. For example, you can select the .metaverse TLD if your site will be catering to Metaverse-related content. Similarly, you can choose .web3 to highlight that your site is a Web 3.0 site.

What is the process of getting these NFT domain names?

To mint your first NFT domain name, head over to Then follow the below process:

  1. On, you will be prompted to link your Metamask or another crypto wallet to
  2. Select your desired TLD among the available ones.
  3. Type your desired NFT domain name in the search text box and hit search.
  4. If the NFT domain is available, you will be presented with a ‘MINT’ button.
  5. Hit the mint button, and you will be prompted to complete the transaction on your crypto wallet.
  6. Confirm the transaction on the wallet and wait for confirmation.
  7. Once the transaction is confirmed, the NFT domain name will be minted and stored in your Crypto wallet.

The NFT domain name is stored just like any other digital asset like cryptos or NFTs. You can store them, use them, and if you what to sell them, that can be done on’s platform.

Summing up

Looking at all the exciting benefits of the NFT domain names, would you book yours by heading over to right now?