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NFT domains and the democratization of online identity: a new era of internet ownership

NFT domains have democratized online identity by introducing concepts you never believed were feasible, ushering in a new era of internet ownership. How? Let’s find out!

Understanding online identity

Today, your online identity comprises hundreds of data points that create a profile of who you are and all of your online preferences, but it is fragmented over the internet, with Instagram owning your social identity, commercial websites owning your shopping identities, and so on.

Google (baba) knows everything about you, from your shopping habits to your nefarious history [:)]. Our identities are thoroughly examined to forecast our behavioral intentions and commercialize our online identities with favored recommendations.

We lack ownership of our own data here, with every single person residing on Web2 with several fragmented digital identities where various third parties hold bits and pieces and only provide displayable sections of the picture, posing vulnerabilities for those third parties.

Privacy has been a significant worry in the Web2 community, which then saw hope in the form of NFT domains. These were offered as a viable solution to address all online identity concerns and a bright and decentralized problem.

NFT domains and the democratization of online identity

NFT domains provided a democratic solution for online identities by developing new methods and concepts based on a decentralized blockchain culture. Each user has a distinct identity that is independent of any centralized application.

NFT domain provided online identities a fresh lease on life and created a cycle in which the holding party could manage, update, and govern them the way they want. The new principles established by NFT domains are as follows:

  • Be yourself as you "own" the NFT domain by forever, and just say goodbye to the rent mechanism.
  • Create a single identity for all platforms with NFT domains from or Unstoppable Domains.
  • Who runs your world: You. Who controls your world: You. Who owns your world: You. Since NFT domains eliminate the entire role with marketplaces once transferred to a wallet, the holding party is the only single owner and controller.

These are the essential principles it adheres to regarding online identity ownership, which is unthinkable on a centralized web2 platform. Furthermore, several use cases may be experimented with and implemented because the technology is open to new inventions due to its interoperable qualities.

A new era of internet ownership

Let us explore a new area where we can learn more about NFT domains and how they have democratized online identity considerably.

No more centralized fear of censorship

NFT domains are stored on the blockchain rather than a centralized database administered by ICANN, making them resistant to censorship and safer against hacks, breaches, and domain-controlling bodies' loaded limitations and regulations.

Your social media account is essentially a free commodity you build by paying for it with your data, content, and other material you upload to its platform.

Furthermore, the platform reserves the right to censor, delete, or ban you or your material at any time. Because it owns your identity, and you are simply a product that uses its features.

NFT domains are fearless technology for people willing to play with innovation to the extent of their creativity. Anyone concerned about centralized data control on online identity censorship could buy an NFT domain from and start their decentralized voyage.

No more one-for-one identities

As previously said, NFT domains have enabled users to have a single identity across all platforms. You can log in with an NFT domain, sign the transaction, and access an application with all your stored information immediately integrated into the app or website.

The twist here is that you log in with email is not the same as how you log in with the NFT domain because the data part here is owned and managed by you. You can modify the settings and restrict specific data if you do not want to divulge certain information.

This new era of online identity with NFT domains is a one-for-all decentralized personality with one reputation, one data storage, and one user personality, providing a transparent and safe web3 arena that significantly outnumbers web2.

So, why wait?

Mint now and unlock your identity with NFT Domain!