New Cryptocurrency Rankings published by China: EOS on top, BTC on 11th

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) on Tuesday published its 13th crypto ranking. In this ranking CCID has added two new projects from the last time. Projects are evaluated on three aspects basic-tech, applicability, and creativity. EOS, Ethereum, and TRON are ranked 1,2 and 3 in the list, respectively.

Bitcoin is ranked 11th in the list one rank better from the previous list which was published in May. BCH ranks 26th in the list three positions better from the previous list.

Two new entries

Cosmos and Zilliqa debuted the list at 10th and 24th position respectively. Cosmos, which works as a mediator between different blockchains, was launched in 2017. It raised over 17 million dollars in its Initial Coin Offering. With Cosmos technology, users can swap tokens between different blockchains. A cumulative index of Cosmos shows 105.6 points in the list.

Zelliqa describes itself as a next-gen, high throughput blockchain platform. Zelliqa claimed to solve the problem of scalability. It raised 20 million dollars in private funding and 22 million dollars in ICO. As of now, the total value of Zelliqa in the market is over 630 million dollars.

The first such ranking by CCID was published in May 2017. The project was started with the collaboration of China Software Evaluation Center. The research institute aimed to provide independent analysis of crypto projects and blockchain behind them to help business enterprise, government, and research institute all around the world. The first list only included 28 crypto coins and underlying blockchain. Since the first list was announced, CCID has not changed the evaluation process. It still grades the projects on Technology, Applicability, and Creativity.

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