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Nevada crypto millionaire building Blockchain community



Blockchains LLC is a startup in Nevada, which has just invested in a desert area in Reno. The real estate investment is for the explicit purpose blockchain

Blockchains LLC is a startup in Nevada, which has just invested in a desert area in Reno. The real estate investment is for the explicit purpose of building a blockchain-based community and the primary force behind this development is- Jeffery Berns, a millionaire in cryptocurrencies.


Berns envisions blockchain futuristic community

The very first step in the process of blockchain evolution is to have an ecosystem which will allow the digitized economy standards to be deployed, says Berns. In his view, when a community resides in a digital economy, they will have higher control over the data and the information which is used in this setup.

The focal point is the concept of ‘distributed collaborative entity’ where personal data storage, as well as voting, will be enabled for all purposes across the community. The infrastructure to be developed includes schools, commercial areas as well as houses and other urbanized needs. The address of the residents will be an Ethereum address on which will reside the personal identification data. These are then utilized for purposes of voting, and the structure itself will be able to survive based on the collaborative systems.

Berns has other plans for his data-driven community members. In the nearby mountains, he will create vaults where they will be able to house their private keys. These will be customized services and will be of use for multiple digital devices. Berns states that they will have to

get enough people to trust the blockchain, we can begin to change all the systems we operate by.”

Berns is a lawyer by profession and has lately been dreaming of this cryptocurrency venture. His belief in this virtual currency alternative is driven by his exposure to Ethereum’s storage capabilities. Typically, Berns financial prowess to build such an impossible dream has come from the sale of Ether he once owned.

He used the funds to found Blockchains LLC in an old office building and has been an evangelist motivating his immediate staff to travel the journey he has chosen and to seek appropriate municipal approvals by the county.

The project is scheduled to start by the end of 2019, according to confirmed reports by Blockchains LLC.


Community supportive

Though Berns may have a burning desire to set up the world’s first Blockchain community and wire it with the best of what blockchain technologies can do for civilization, he can achieve even a small percentage of his vision, if and only when the local residents near his Reno purchase agree to his grandiose dreams.

In fact, the region has become fascinated by the kind of opportunities the people here can explore following the introduction of a unique and untested theme of decentralized distribution systems driving economic development in the country.

Interestingly, this swathe of the cryptographic real estate will come into existence in an area which has already seen some disruptive technologies acting – Tesla’s Gigafactory producing solar batteries for hybrid cars as well as other big-time technology companies such as Apple Inc, Google as well as Switch.


Forbes releases top 50 blockchain companies list



Forbes has released top 50 blockchain companies using blockchain technology list and these are almost all household names of the world's largest companies.

Forbes has released a new top 50 blockchain companies using blockchain technology list and these are almost all household names of the world’s largest companies. In fact, they are all billion dollar plus companies such as Amazon, Citi Group, Foxconn, Comcast and a whole host of others and unsurprisingly the bulk majority of these companies are using Ethereum.


Although, outside of Ethereum which is, of course, the number 1 blockchain for these companies, we do see others like Hyperledger and Quorum for example, although much rarer on the list in terms of mentions are blockchains such as Stellar Lumens or Cardano. Blockchains such as TRON, EOS, NEM, and others are not mentioned in the list of top 50 companies.


Companies choosing Ethereum according to Forbes:

Big businesses really like what Ethereum is doing. Ethereum has also worked very hard to make these relationships happen over the last few years and those relationships are now paying dividends big time.


All the top 10 companies are located in China or the United States.

The Top 10 (Forbes List):

10. Ping An Insurance Company: China

9. Bank of China: China

8. Apple: United States

7. Wells Fargo & Company: United States

6. Bank of America: United States

5. Agricultural Bank of China: China

4. Berkshire Hathaway Inc: United States

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co: United States

2. China Construction Bank Corporation: China

1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China: China


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JPMorgan expanding itself into the blockchain and crypto space



JPMorgan Chase has been posting a lot of job opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry on, the job listing portal.

JPMorgan Chase, the American multinational investment bank and financial services company has been posting a lot of job opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry on, a job listing site. According to the data from, the overall job openings for the cryptocurrency industry also seems to be on a rise.


JPMorgan Entering the Cryptocurrency Space:

Though the CEO of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon has always been a strong opponent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, his company has been interestingly expanding its operations in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Last month, JPMorgan launched its own cryptocurrency known as the JPM Coin, which will serve the bank’s precious customers in order to make transactions between them more swift and steady.


Back in 2018, JPMorgan had launched a blockchain powered platform known as Quorum which might be seen quite homogeneous to bitcoin and ethereum, however, it is almost fully centralized in nature.


Large companies entering the Blockchain Space:

In recent times, a lot of huge companies worldwide have been entering into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. According to a recent publication by the Forbes, large organizations such as IBM, Deloitte, Cisco, Microsoft, Consensus, and others have been curiously hiring employees that are experts in the field of blockchain technology.

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Adoption: Courts in France adopt blockchain technology



The NCC or National Council of Clerks of France have finally tested a blockchain technology-based solution for the courts of the country.

The NCC or National Council of Clerks of France recently made an announcement that they have finally tested a blockchain technology-based solution for the courts and are now prepared to launch it throughout France. The National Council of Clerks is a representation of the clerks of the corporate and commercial registry in around a hundred thirty-hour workplaces in France. The workplaces depend upon one another for sharing important data.


The goal of NCC France

The NCC is determined to streamline and position the latest information technology that capitulates something that is known as ‘the single version of the truth’. The data tracks an organization’s growth, dissolution, change of location etc. The sharing of data amongst each other was earlier a big challenge for the NCC.


The project based on blockchain technology had an aim of rapid cycle times and precision of information. In the pilot phase of the project, the National Council of Clerks in France was able to lessen the timing of registry operation involving a lot of days to just one day.


According to the president of France National Council of Clerks, Sophie Jonval, the project based on blockchain technology is an outcome of the partnership with IBM. IBM who is already an expert in blockchain technology and cryptography has been serving as a technological partner.


According to the NCC, the project shall be rolled out in the 1st half of 2019 and the project shall ensure a transparent and improved dynamics of the interactions between the clerks.

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