Multi-crypto wallet Infinito forms a strategic partnership with P2P exchange Paxful

The leading multi-crypto wallet Infinito announced a strategic partnership with the peer-to-peer BTC marketplace, Paxful, for feeless access to cryptocurrencies globally.

The leading multi-crypto wallet, Infinito today, announced a strategic alliance with one of the leading peer-to-peer exchanges Paxful. The partnership aims to bring Infinito Wallet users a safe, feeless, and fully peer-to-peer way to buy Bitcoin with 167 fiat currencies enabling over 300 payment methods at reasonable prices. Both crypto companies are also working together on a unique “investment competition game” for both new and experienced crypto investors in the Asian country Vietnam. Vietnam is the key marketplace that both companies are eying to establish their dominance. 


Infinito Wallet users can directly purchase Bitcoin from other users without any transaction fees.

According to the announcement, users of Infinito Wallet from now on can directly buy Bitcoin at reasonable prices from other crypto users around the world safely without having to pay any transaction fees whatsoever. This happened because of the seamless integration of Paxful’s web-based Virtual Bitcoin Kiosk on the Infinito multi-wallet platform. The strategic collaboration between the two firms aims to create safe and fee less access to cryptocurrencies around the world. According to the announcement, there is a limited-time 3% rebate in ETH for all purchases made through Paxful service on the wallet.


Infinito Wallet users can use 167+ fiat currencies to buy bitcoin. 

The strategic collaboration between Infinito and Paxful has also allowed convenient payment methods for Infinito multi-wallet users to buy Bitcoin using 167+ fiat currencies, including USD, VND, GBP, CNY, CAD, and more. The most common payment methods supported by the peer-to-peer marketplace Paxful are bank transfer, gift cards, online wallets, domestic wire transfer, and many more. Both crypto companies Infinito and Paxful are eying to enter Vietnam, which is a high potential market with a rapidly growing Bitcoin investor community of more than 6 million people. 

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Finance in Vietnam has established a research group to study cryptocurrencies and propose regulations regarding the same. Paxful witnessed a 43% increase in new user signups in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2020.                                            

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