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Minting .i NFT Domains is Now Live on

The latest NFT domain name provider has made moving to Web 3.0 more than ever. Start minting .i and nine other blockchain TLD
The latest NFT domain name provider has made moving to Web 3.0 more than ever. Start minting .i and nine other blockchain TLDs on

NFT domains are taking over the crypto world with their new functionalities and feature. And has made it easier for individuals and businesses to mint, buy, and trade crypto domains.

Blockchain domains are the next-gen version of traditional domains with unique extensions recorded on the public ledger of a blockchain, most commonly ETH, on which they are coined. They come with added features and, at the moment, with limitless advantages.

TLDs available on Quik are not associated with the DNS system and are independent of central entities like ICANN. You can develop censorship-resistant websites via IPFS InterPlanetary File System on top of Quik domains.

Though NFT domains you purchase or mint on Quik are currently only limited within the Quik Ecosystem, you can use them to replace your long cryptocurrency wallet addresses. There is no need for renewals or risk of losing access to your domain names. With Quik, you get 100% ownership of your domains that only you control without any third-party interference.

Why Mint Quik Domains?

The biggest advantage you will receive by minting Quik domains is the opportunity to earn royalties on them.

For instance, if you decide to mint abc.i NFT domain and decide to sell it on Quik or any other marketplace like Opensea, and the next owner sells it to someone else, you will get a 5% royalty. offers lifetime royalty to minters, meaning you will continue to receive royalties on every subsequent purchase of your domain name.

NFT domains also offer superior security and privacy because of the underlying blockchain technology. And as the solutions around crypto transactions, metaverse, and Web 3.0 grow, we expect the use cases of Quik domains will also expand.

In addition, Quik aims to make it easier for people to mint and trade the NFT domain.

“We believe decentralized platforms can get mainstream adoption if we keep it simple and enhance our UX and UI,” stated Sahil Kohli, Quik’s CEO.

The team is looking to launch the Quik browser and extension by the end of the year to increase the functionalities of their domains.

How to Mint .i NFT Domains on Quik?

  • Visit and log in or sign up using Metamask.
  • Use Quik’s intuitive search bar to check the availability of your preferred domain name.
  • If it is available to purchase with your preferred extension, you can directly purchase it or choose to mint it.
  • Click on Mint to get the ownership of your favorite NFT domain.
  • Approve the transaction on your Metamask wallet
  • Once the transaction is completed, the domain will appear on your Quik profile.

Besides .i extension, Quik offers 9 other TLDs, including:

  • .metaverse
  • .doge
  • .shib
  • .vr
  • .btc
  • .web3
  • .address
  • .chain
  • .bored

Note that these TLDs have limited minting capacity ranging from 1k to 10k. You could lose your favorite domain extension since they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Don’t miss out; log in to today and start minting your favorite NFT domains!