Millions of Americans will now have Bitcoin Payment Option on AT&T

AT&T has become the first major US mobile career to provide a cryptocurrency payments option to its customers by accepting bill payments through Bitpay.

AT&T to accept payments in cryptocurrency:

The customers will be able to select Bitpay as a payment option when they login to their accounts online or with the My AT&T app. There was no clarification though in the statement from AT&T if they are planning to hold any of the bitcoin that they are paid in or they will just make instant conversions.

AT&T controls 1/3rd of the phone market of the United States which means that tens of millions of Americans will see bitcoin as a payment option. However, only a few of those people are actually likely to use their bitcoin to pay for their phone bill at this stage, its still massive in terms of mainstream adoption.

Square Cash App and Coinbase Trending

This story happens at a time when the Square Cash App which is an increasingly important market for bitcoin is the top finance app in the United States and Coinbase is also trending again on the app store.

Janet F. Sanchez
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