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Microsoft Azure Partners with Sarvam AI to Boost Voice-Based Generative AI Apps in India

Microsoft Azure teams up with Indian startup Sarvam AI to deploy voice-based generative AI models tailored for Indic languages and context, advancing AI-driven innovation in India.

Microsoft has unveiled a collaboration with Indian startup Sarvam AI to enhance its Azure AI infrastructure and deploy a voice-based large language model (LLM) tailored for Indic languages and context.

The partnership aims to leverage Microsoft's Azure OpenAI and Machine Learning services to host Sarvam's LLMs, facilitating their training and scaling. This initiative aligns with Microsoft's commitment to fostering AI-driven innovation and growth in India, according to Puneet Chandok, President of Microsoft India and South Asia.

Chandok highlighted Microsoft's goal of supporting India in becoming an "AI-first nation," ensuring that individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds can benefit from voice-driven AI solutions. The collaboration with Sarvam focuses on developing a precise and cost-effective generative AI application ecosystem, initially targeting the Hindi language, which boasts approximately 609 million speakers.

Voice-based interfaces are deemed the most natural interaction mode for generative AI applications in Indian languages. The partnership also envisions facilitating the rapid and responsible adoption of generative AI by local businesses.

This move underscores Microsoft's strategic focus on AI expansion and development. The company's recent financial results showed significant growth attributed to its AI integration across its technology stack. Microsoft's valuation has also surpassed $3 trillion, making it the most valuable publicly traded company, surpassing Apple.

In addition to its collaboration with Sarvam AI, Microsoft has announced partnerships with telecom provider Vodafone and the AFL-CIO in the U.S. for worker-focused AI development, showcasing its commitment to driving AI innovation across various sectors.