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Michelle Phan stands as a firm supporter of Bitcoin. The YouTuber holds around nine hundred thousand followers and aims to boost the adoption of the virtual currency. In response to a user's comment on her latest tweet regarding bitcoin, Phan pointed at the prevalent misinformation about the coin. The makeup artist suggested the user clear the misconceptions and states about BTC being the right asset to invest in.

The famous American YouTuber, Michelle Phan, stays to render her firm support to the cryptocurrency Kingpin, Bitcoin. Phan unceasingly uses her persona to promote the crypto coin and ascend its adoption.

The makeup artist possesses millions of followers on her YouTube channel. Her latest tweet regarding bitcoin surfaced when a user appreciated her video about the coin but stated his lack of knowledge in the crypto sector. The follower commented, “listening to Michelle phan talk about bitcoin really makes me want to go and buy some, but I still don’t understand it still so probs, not a good idea.”

Responding to the user’s statement, Phan pointed at the prevailing pieces of misinformation concerning bitcoin. She eventually recommended the patrons to understand the economic strength of BTC and said, “There is a lot of misinformation about Bitcoin, so I recommend reading The Bitcoin Standard by @saifedean to understand not only the fundamentals of BTC but monetary history and Austrian economics. You’ll see BTC as a true store of value. Good luck!”

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