US Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wants clear guidelines on cryptocurrency

The billionaire democratic US presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has called for clearer regulations on taxing crypto and the requirements for financial institutions holding cryptocurrencies.


The Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, who entered quite late in the race, has called for consumer protection from cryptocurrency-related fraud. Despite entering late into the presidential race, Bloomberg is scoring high in national polls in the country. The former mayor of New York City is not accepting any donations and is funding his campaign with his own money. 


Michael Bloomberg calls for a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency

Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg is among the few candidates who have called for a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrency in the United States. Earlier, pro-crypto democratic candidate Andrew Yang decided to drop out of the presidential race after he failed to score enough votes in Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primaries. The former mayor of New York proposes if he becomes the president, he will implement more clear regulations regarding crypto.


What do other candidates think about cryptocurrency?

As the US presidential elections approach, it is important to know which candidate has clear plans and policies to regulate cryptocurrency in the country. Andrew Yang was the only candidate who had proposed clear guidelines regarding cryptocurrency, with him out in the race, which other candidates are likely to allow the crypto industry to flourish.  

Bernie Sanders, who recognizes himself as a democratic socialist, is said to be an ideal President under which bitcoin can thrive. Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren also suggested fraud prevention and regulation for crypto, but she has not laid out a clear plan. 

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