Members deny involvement in OpenLibra after Devcon announcement

Several members of OpenLibra have come out to deny their involvement in the project. They reported that their names were used without their permission. Names of these "members" were displayed during the Ethereum Foundation's DevCon 5 conference in Osaka, Japan, on Oct. 9. Facebook's yet to be released cryptocurrency Libra has been forked into a decentralized project called OpenLibra.

According to a CoinDesk report, the creator of OpenLibra misrepresented the organizations that are involved in the project. Four individuals and organizations disavowed the OpenLibra project, which was first unveiled during the Ethereum Foundation’s DevCon 5 conference in Osaka, Japan, on Oct. 9.

Sunny Aggarwal, a developer at blockchain startup Tendermint reported that he only showed up to one community call for OpenLibra and was not involved in the project. He reported that his name was used on slides without his permission.

Representatives from Chainlink, Web3 Foundation, and Hashed also reported that their names were used without their permission. OpenLibra project marketed itself as an open platform for financial inclusion, and it aims to ensure that access to the Libra stablecoin and its technology remains free from corporate control.

Web3 Foundation and Hashed reported that their names were mistakenly associated with those of employees who no longer work with them. Zeke Turner, the Web3 Foundation’s head of communications, said that they are not opposing the project it’s just they are not part of it.

Alexander Aryan
Alexander Aryan
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