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Cryptocurrency boom led to an upsurge in the crypto finance industry and necessitated the need for advisors and STO (Security Token Offering). ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) alone raised $14 Billion in funding for the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry despite its volatility in the market.
Mauro Andriotto, among many, remains bullish on the industry’s potential and long-term prospects.

Visit Mauro Andritto’s profile on Linkedin Here.

Mauro Andriotto
Mauro Andriotto

Mauro Andriotto, Founder and Chairman of Andriotto Financial Services (AFS), is internationally recognized as one of the leading advisors on blockchain and Security Token Offering (STO). He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration and a Masters in Science General Management from Università Bocconi. After working with Citi as a business analyst, Mauro moved onto working as a Professor of Corporate Finance and Enterprise Risk Management, a position he currently holds as well, at his alma mater. UBIS University, Geneva and the University of Pisa have employed his services as an adjunct professor.
DGPA&Co’s Quantitative leader, Cavour Corporate Finance’s Senior Advisor, and, ICO Advisor’s Founder are few other positions under his belt.

Andriotto, an independent expert at the European Commission for Horizon 2020, approves public grants of up to €2,500,000 for innovative and disruptive European projects. Centre of Excellence, in Switzerland, was established by his AFS team to help companies draft a successful proposal for this program.

AFS aims to provide investment banking securities, investment management, and consulting services by combining solid expertise from the traditional financial world, solid businesses principles, and the disruptive power of new technologies and innovations.


What led to AFS’ conception

Andriotto realized the fundraising potential of ICOs after working on several valuable ICO projects with his colleagues. ICOs were game-changers, but a severe market collapse established distrust in ICOs as a legitimate way of fundraising.



Fortunately, STOs filled this gap by providing a higher level of safety to investors with the introduction of real assets as an investment’s backup and stricter regulations.
Mining-related Blueshare – the first and only Hybrid STO, offering traditional real-value shares on blockchain as well, was AFS’ first STO. Consequently, STO became widely accepted as the future of capital markets and fundraising and this led to the formation of the first German STO – Bitbond, the first French STO – Domraider, and the first Italian STO – WEL.


The wide array of services offered by AFS:

1. Security Token Offerings (STO)

These digital tokens enable the sales of financial instruments and represent an underlying real asset. Tokens mimic the security offered in traditional investments like shares, bonds, property, etc. AFS has curated a list of high-quality securities and employs rigorous screening before taking up a new project.
Financial reviews, SWOT analysis, organization charts, and preliminary valuation of the price range are conducted by AFS. The company also takes care of the legal and fiscal aspects of STO.


2. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

They assist businesses in launching an ICO after conducting an extensive feasibility search and evaluation based on the business model, proof of concept, the expertise of the team, Intellectual Property Right strategy, risk management, etc.


3. Corporate Finance

AFS commits people, capital, and ideas to deliver strategic advice and solutions to small-medium enterprises, corporations, and emerging companies, on buying and selling businesses, capital raising, and risk management.


4. Trading Models

To discover market inefficiencies and opportunities, the company uses the most advanced quantitative models. Aimed at optimizing the risk and return trade-off, AFS uses an opportunistic strategy differentiated on multiple asset classes to provide superior risk-adjusted return compared to the relative benchmark.


5. Risk Consulting

The AFS Dynamic Risk Management (DRM) is based on the use of advanced quantitative modeling techniques, leveraging on:
– The use of statistical methods to estimate the probability of occurrence and fluctuation of the assumptions.
– The use of predictive mathematical models developed by academic researches.
– The dynamic correlation between risk and performance management.

Challenges in the Crypto Industry

The biggest challenges faced by the industry, according to Andriotto, are the legal frameworks and regulations that all projects need to consider before being eligible to organize proper blockchain-based fundraising. Traditional investors are another hurdle in the growth of the industry and need to be briefed about the benefits of Blockchain technology. Andriotto truly believes this will soon change and is incentivizing the switch by finalizing the public launch of the European Digital Assets ExchangeEuroDAXX.
EuroDAXX’s initiative will help ease the process of asset securitization and project funding.

Mr. Andriotto currently sits in different Advisory Boards around the world, having worked with over 60 valuable projects across the globe and raising nearly up to $1 billion. He is also a prominent author of scientific publications in finance and risk management.
Andriotto’s expertise in Economics and cryptocurrency market emboldens the trust of businesses in his company and him.

Disclaimer: Coinnounce's views are not necessarily reflected in the articles published, and they are the sole representation of the author's opinions. Article's information should not be taken as investment advice. Risks are involved in cryptocurrency investments and trading. Readers are urged to carry out extensive research before making a decision.

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Litecoin price might escape the descending pattern as weekly analysis report bullish sentiments – Litecoin Price News

Litecoin price has been decreasing since it reached a high of $147 in June. Currently, the coin is accumulated...

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