John McAfee to launch his decentralized exchange on TRON blockchain next week: TRON News

John McAfee's recently launched crypto exchange, McAfeeDEX, will unite the TRON blockchain on the platform from November 8. The technologist acknowledged the security aspects implemented in the blockchain tech. Following the ascend in developments, McAfee also affirmed that DEX would also include EOS, BNB, and NEO by the Q1 of 2020.

John McAfee has announced the integration of TRON blockchain on his newly launched cryptocurrency exchange, McAfeeDEX. He declared the development on Twitter, reporting that TRC10 and TRC20 tokens will be supported.

The entrepreneur highlighted the decentralized methodology followed by the exchange with portals set up globally. McAfee further claimed that any authorities could not shut the portals.

The exchange is also geared up to add EOS, the Binance Coin, and Neo, as revealed by John. In an interview, addressing the developments, he stated, On November 8, we will include Tron, and by the first quarter (2020), EOS, Binance Coin and Neo. And then we’ll have cross chains before the first quarter. It will be Binance, but free.”

Saloni Sheelwant
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