Mark Cuban suggested Ellen DeGeneres to accept Dogecoin for her merchandise.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban suggested host Ellen DeGeneres that she should use the meme currency Dogecoin as payment for her show's merchandise.

Billionaire Mark Cuban said in a virtual appearance on “The Ellen Show” that Dogecoin’s surging popularity is bizarre given its origins, but it’s a great way to understand cryptocurrencies. The Dallas Mavericks owners suggested host Ellen DeGeneres should use the meme-based cryptocurrency Dogecoin as payment for her show’s merchandise.


Dogecoin is better than owning a lottery ticket.

“At the Mavs (Dallas Mavericks), we sell a lot of merchandise for dogecoin and you should look at it for the Ellen shop – you guys could sell a whole lot of stuff for dogecoin,” Mark Cuban said to Ellen. DeGeneres said she was interested in and wanted to know more about Dogecoin. After the show, the famous talk show host tweeted that she still wasn’t sure she understood it.

“Overall, when someone brings up dogecoin to you and asks you if it’s a good investment, I would say it’s not the world’s best investment, but it’s a whole lot better than a lottery ticket, and it’s a great way to learn and start understanding cryptocurrencies,” the billionaire said on the show. 


Dallas Mavericks already accepts Dogecoin for tickets and merchandise. 

American professional basketball team, Dallas Mavericks, announced earlier this year that it is now accepting Dogecoin for tickets and merchandise. Dallas Mavericks became the first NBA team in 2019 to accept Bitcoin as a payment method for match tickets and merchandise. Mark Cuban, an American billionaire and the owner of Dallas Mavericks, has remained a vocal supporter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets in the past.

“Bitcoin is like a digital version of gold, Ethereum is a digital version of a currency and then you got dogecoin, which is just fun,” Cuban said when he asked for his opinion on crypto.

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