Looking for a job in cryptocurrency? Here are the top ten startups that are hiring

Working for a startup can be a great opportunity for an individual to give their career a start. Startups usually are run by an individual or a group of people with similar ideas and a boost of energy.


People give preference to working with startups since some startups are willing to offer a decent salary for starters and the environment of the office is better as compared to the regular offices. You also get the benefit of being a part of their idea implementation and discussions, giving you a better understanding of the process and the field of work.

If you are willing to work in the world of cryptocurrencies, then here are the top 10 startups that might help you get that start you always wished for.

1. Bungalow

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Bungalow is a real estate platform that helps in providing beautiful homes to people on a sharing basis. They take care of everything- from matching the person with a suitable roommate to furnishing the houses as well. They also host social events and offer volunteer opportunities.

It was founded in 2017 by Andrew Collins and Justin McCarly, and it helps in offering homes in the most desirable neighborhoods. The job opening at Bungalow are:

a. Software Engineering Jobs like Full-Stack Engineer, QA Engineer, Backend Developer, etc.

b. Design Jobs like Senior Product Designer, UI/UX Design Lead.

c. Sales Jobs such as Field Sales Associate in different locations all over the USA.

d. Operations Jobs like Operations Associate, Senior Recruiter, Technical Support Specialist, etc.

You can apply from here, https://angel.co/company/bungalow-1/jobs


2. Bitaccess

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Bitaccess is a Canada based blockchain company that helps in the field of developing and providing a solution for the financial system since 2014.

They have an opening in the Sales Job department of the Head of Growth. The responsibilities of this post to take ownership of business development, sales, and marketing of all the products. The person in this role will report directly to the CEO and also assist the CEO with business cases of product direction.

The salary offered is $60,000-$85,000.

You can get more info and apply for the post here- https://angel.co/company/bitaccess/jobs


3. CoinTracker

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Cointracker is a cryptocurrency holder connect where the users can link their crypto wallets and exchanges. This helps them to see all their wallets and portfolios and transactions in one place.

They have various job openings like:

a. Software Engineering Jobs like Founding Engineer and Full Stack Software Engineer and the salary ranges from $100,000-$200,000.

b. Product Designer under the Designing category jobs with a salary package of $100,000-$140,000.

c. Operations Jobs as Customer Support Specialist with a salary range of $60,000-$90,000.

To apply visit here, https://angel.co/company/cointracker/jobs


4. Ineeza

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Ineeza is another startup which offers services related to the cryptocurrencies such as a cloud wallet, and they provide consultancy, development, and research services to their users for a better experience.

They have an opening in Management Jobs as the Chief Operating Officer with job locations as Zurich and Tokyo with a salary ranging from $40,000 to $100,000.

To apply, you can visit here, https://angel.co/company/ineeza-inc/jobs


5. Bernstein

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Bernstein Technologies is a Munich based startup that offers blockchain-based solutions for intellectual property management. Bernstein helps the companies by creating a track record on the bitcoin blockchain.

There are job openings in the Software Engineering department with the posts being a Web Developer Intern and a Full-stack Developer.

To apply visit, https://angel.co/company/bernstein/jobs


6. Zignaly

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Zignaly is a platform that helps its user by defining the entry and exit options for their trading strategy, helping them to avoid sitting in front of their computers. Signals that notify you when to buy and when not to buy are integrated inside the software.

A job opening for Frontend Engineer in the Software Engineering department is available with a salary range of $25,000 to $45,000.

To apply, visit, https://angel.co/company/zignaly/jobs


7. Set Labs

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Set Labs is a portfolio management strategies provider company that helps its users by creating tools that empower developers, fund managers and help investors to interact with crypto platforms for a better understanding of the things that are happening.

A position for a Software Engineer is available with a salary package of $85,000 to $125,000.

To know more and apply, visit, https://angel.co/company/setprotocol/jobs


8. Hodllabs

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Cryptocurrency is now widely accepted by people, and there are many mobile wallets that are available, but the team at Hodllabs is building a hardware wallet that will combine the security of a hardware wallet with the ease of a mobile wallet.

They have a job opening in these departments.

a. Software Engineering Jobs, where they require an Android Developer. The salary offered is $50,000 to $70,000.

b. Engineering Jobs, as an Embedded Developer with a salary package of $70,000 to $90,000.

To apply visit, https://angel.co/company/hodllabs-1/jobs


9. bitFlyer

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bitFlyer is one of the largest bitcoin and blockchain company from Japan. They receive their capital from companies like SMBC, Dai-ichi Life Insurance, etc. bitFlyer is working on providing a platform for bitcoin market and exchange, bitcoin advertising, and payment services.

The job openings in bitFlyer are:

a. Marketing Jobs such as Growth/Marketing Intern with a stipend of $20,000-$27,000.

b. Operations Jobs like Customer Support in San Francisco and Customer Operations Specialist in Luxembourg.

c. Operations Intern And Compliance Analyst

To know more and to apply visit, https://angel.co/company/bitflyer/jobs


10. Consensus

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Consensus is an open-sourced, decentralized artificial intelligence platform that will help in collective governance as well as the technology will fundamentally help in transforming how the societies operate and make decisions.

Job openings in Consensus are:

a. Software Engineering Jobs such as Blockchain Engineer, iOS Application Developer

b. Designing Jobs such as Mobile Application Designer.

To know more about the project and to apply, visit https://angel.co/company/consensus-ai/jobs

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