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List of the best cryptocurrency to mine with GPU



cryptocurrency Mining is directly dependent upon the size of the Network. Let us see some of the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU.

List of the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU.


The cryptocurrencies along with the Blockchain technology has given rise to a number of complex terminologies or technical terms which are proving to be very new to the normal people. Any person who is looking forward to investing in the cryptocurrency domain or the Blockchain Technology needs to undertake an extensive research work, prior to any decisions taken with respect to the cryptocurrency market since it is highly unpredictable in nature. Cryptocurrency mining, proof of Stake, Consensus mechanisms,  Initial coin offerings, Smart contracts, decentralization are only some of the terms, but there are a lot more technological advancements that have been made in the domain. let us look at some of the cryptocurrency to mine with gpu.


Cryptocurrency to mine with GPU

The cryptocurrency mining is nothing but a process to solve Complex mathematical algorithms by the Brute Force computations which require the CPU’s processing capabilities. In short, the cryptocurrency Mining is directly dependent upon the size of the Network. Greater the number of nodes in the network, higher is the mining difficulty. If we consider the case of Bitcoin, earlier prior to 2016, the network wasn’t that popular and hence the Mining was possible through the CPUs itself. In order to get a clear picture, a Pentium 4 PC was sufficient to mine almost 100 Bitcoins in the year 2010. Nevertheless, the current scenario is highly contradictory to it, as the Bitcoin network has expanded at unprecedented rates. These days ASICs are being extensively used for the mining purposes, as the CPUs and the GPUs have become absolutely obsolete for mining purposes.


However there are certain cryptocurrencies which have been developed due to the recent advancements, that doesn’t require Application Specific Integrated Circuits and can effectively be mined through the GPUs and CPUs. At technical levels, they do not envisage the usage of Proof of Work consensus mechanism but uses some other form of Consensus mechanism in order to gain stability within their network. Let us list some of the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU.


1. Bytecoin

It is one of the best cryptocurrency to mine with GPU, as it doesn’t incorporate the Proof of Work Consensus mechanism but uses the more efficient Cryptonote algorithm, in order to achieve Consensus throughout its network. The Cryptonote protocol enables the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU, as it promotes the most anonymous peer to peer Bytecoin transactions. The official page of the cryptocurrency coin recommends  Xmrig, as one of the most reliable and simple Mining software for Bytecoin. Specifically, there are three different variations of the software, each individually designed for the usage in CPU, GPU, and AMD graphic cards respectively.


2. Ethereum (ETH)

The second biggest cryptocurrency coin has been designed in such a way that it can be used as a cryptocurrency to mine with GPU, therefore, enabling the effective decentralization of the cryptocurrency mining. Another major advantage of this particular feature is that it prevents the centralization of the cryptocurrency mining operation which indirectly may lead to gain control over the blockchain network which can be highly dangerous. Also, the Smart contract functionality has enabled the developers and users from the world in order to develop their own decentralized applications. Its Turing complete programming language, Solidity is effectively used for the creation and development of Smart contracts within the network. Ethminer is the recommended mining software for the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU.


3. Monero (XMR)

Monero is also application specific Integrated circuit resistance when it comes to the cryptocurrency mining operations as even this cryptocurrency coin is based on the cryptonote algorithm. Monero offers highly anonymous forms of cryptocurrency transactions, as both the sender’s and receiver’s information is hidden from the Blockchain network. This cryptonote algorithm enables the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU and also the cryptocurrency can be mined even through mobile phones. This was evident from many of the crypto jacking incidents that took place within the cryptocurrency market.  Wolf’s CryptoNote miner and MonersSpelunker are recommended for CPU as well as the GPU mining respectively.


4. Electroneum (ETN)

Even this cryptocurrency uses cryptonote algorithm through which the cryptocurrency it is in it has enabled the cryptocurrency to mine with GPU. Interestingly even a mobile application is available on Google play store in order to mine cryptocurrency through mobile phones.

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How Blockchains are being implemented in Supply Chain Management



A blockchain technology investment can be a turning point for supply chain and the reorganization of infrastructure and certification of trust in commerce.

Blockchain refers to a dynamic database which takes records of all events or data on a digital basis. It does this in a way which makes it impossible for interference. Blockchain users might have tried to at some point add to the data, access it or even scrutinize it. It is, however, unlikely to delete or change any data. This implies that the first and original data stays the way it is. Therefore, there is a constant trail of transactions information which is available and accessible to the public.

In contrast to conventional tools, blockchain transactions are not controlled by any organization. Blockchain operates on a record-keeping basis which ensures ease and security for businesses to carry out various sales and deals over the internet. Originally, blockchain was designed to carry out financial transactions.

Now, all forms of businesses are utilizing the blockchain ledger. This blockchain ledger is useful for purposes such as Verification, tracking and recording anything which has value. If the whole blockchain were a record of all transactions carried out in banks, then the bank statement of an individual would be just one block in the chain. Blockchain technology provides the easiest and safest way for companies, organizations, and businesses to complete transactions.


How Blockchains Impact Supply Chain Management

A blockchain technology investment can be a turning point for the reorganization of infrastructure and the certification of trust when in commerce. It is said to be the technology which will take us into the next industrial reformation. This coming revolution will see to the change in the mode of transportation, finance, supply chain and a host of others.

The supply-chain management is also known as supply network. This supply network involves a data collection of people and goods that participated in the trading process. It also consists of the record of the transportation or movement of the product from the manufacturer through the various networks and links, to the final consumer who needs it.

Several years back, the supply chain model was simple, and it was an easy walk-through because business operations were consummated locally. Taking a look at the supply chain in today’s world, it can be said that bureaucracies are the order of the day. The creation and distribution of goods are very complex. It is possible for the supply chain of a product to go through several stages, settings, accounts and the likes. It could also involve multiple individuals, and it could expand over a period.

The long-drawn processes involved in the supply chain make it a somewhat complicated process with several parties. It is quite difficult to trace illegal activities when the supply chain is very complicated. So, it is possible for events of this sort to go on for a very long time without the knowledge of anybody. Blockchain technology has the potential to bring great transformation to the supply chain.


How Blockchains Can Enhance the Supply Chain

Blockchain technology gives room for tracking all forms of transactions securely and transparently. The best cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world have demonstrated how efficient the blockchain can be. This could also be replicated in the supply chain. Anytime a product is up for sale; the transaction will be recorded as it goes through the necessary channels. This trail is permanent, and it stands for the product’s stable history

This innovation would help to reduce time lag, additional costs and possible human errors which are likely to occur in a conventional everyday transaction. Some supply chains are already utilizing this technology. Financial experts and analysts have previously predicted that using blockchain technology could facilitate a universal supply chain system.

Regarding recording, the number of assets and their transfer and movement within the supply chain would be documented. It is impossible for the records on blockchain to be erased, and this ensures transparency in the supply chain. Blockchain also provides that there is no disagreement on the chain, as all participating parties have the same sample of the ledger. This transparency also transcends to the lessening of fraud when it comes to goods which are highly valued. Such products include precious stones and drugs.

Companies can utilize blockchain technology to have a grasp on how every used item and the finished goods, passed through the entire process of manufacturing. So companies would be able to communicate better with the consumers by either decreasing the amount or eradicating the effect of sham products.

Also, when it comes to the tracking of essential details such as the purchase and delivery orders, blockchain technology can help. The same will suffice for the receipt and other documents involved commerce. Blockchain can effectively track down every detail. Organizations can make their physical assets digitized hence setting up a record of every transaction. As expected, each recorded transaction is accessible to all, and therefore all assets can be effectively monitored.


Integrating Blockchains Into a Supply Chain

For the successful application of blockchain technology in supply chain management, some factors have to be set in motion. First and foremost, the companies and organization involved must have a grasp of possible risks. This is essential because all the weak points would be noted and plan to contain them would be made up.  This is a retorted line of thought when new programs, software or processes are under implementation in an ecosystem,

The most likely set of plans will be able to spot the weak points in the resultant use of blockchain technology. Now, companies and organizations need to commence basically by first applying these solutions to the weak points. Once this is seen to be yielding positive results, then further application can be made to other aspects. Many change agents will implement a walk-through test to be sure that the expected results are seen.

For a company or an organization to achieve success with the use of blockchain in the supply chain, there is a need for the company to first, set up a blockchain for the company internally. At first, everyone might not be used to it, as it is expected of new technology. However with time, everyone will commence its application, and progress would be attained.

Also, the company should ensure that all its contacts such as suppliers and the likes, participate in the blockchain movement. This collaboration is essential if proper transparency and easy-to-track procedures are in view. Again, it would surely be difficult to carry out, but possible to implement. However, as an organization, it is essential for you to partner with organizations who embrace any innovative technology.

Once this is completed, then every partaker in the supply chain can be involved since every data can be made available. Blockchain technology in the supply chain management is already gaining grounds in some companies. Those companies who have not started its utilization are encouraged to take a cue from their fellow field players who are already enjoying the benefits.

In the long run, if blockchain technology will afford us the opportunity of tracking all transactions. As a secured platform, it implies that the possibilities it possesses in the supply chain are limitless.


Author Bio:

Denise Quirk is a Health Advisor who is fascinated by Crypto and Blockchain Revolution. She is a believer in transforming complex information into simple, actionable content. She is keenly interested in finding the value of the crypto world. She writes for Coin Review, Bitcoin Warrior, Irish Tech News, etc. You can find her on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.


Invitation to Guest Authors

If you are passionate about Bitcoin and Blockchain and would like to share a guest post, contact us via email.

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Central Bank of China Releases Whitepaper on Blockchain




The research paper was written by the People’s Bank of China Research Bureau director, Xu Zhong, and its analyst Zou Chuanwei.

A new research paper on “What can a blockchain do and not do” has been released by China’s central bank experts. The authors have warned of a bubble in any financing and investments associated with blockchain-connected cryptocurrencies. This included activities in respect of the initial coin offering (ICO). The research paper has called for the strengthening of supervision of the emerging sector so that financial risks could be curbed. This is not new as the government has expressed this in the past as well and the new paper is a reiteration of the same.


Violation of Regulations

The research paper was written by the People’s Bank of China’s Research Bureau director, Xu Zhong, and its analyst Zou Chuanwei. The two believes that there could not only be speculation and market manipulation but also sees violations of laws and regulations. They see these becoming a common feature particularly when it comes to public offering transactions. Though the paper claimed to represent ‘academic opinion,’ it is believed widely that the central bank is reiterating its position on blockchain-associated digital coins including bitcoin.

The paper focused on different applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and offered an economic analysis of projects based on it and called for a realistic view of the technology’s application. The researchers have said, “Firstly, don’t exaggerate the function of the blockchain. Some industry practices in recent years have proven that some blockchain applications are not feasible.” They are obviously referring to the financial sector specifically to drive their point of view. They also believe that there is no disruptive impact from any technological innovation on the financial system currently. This included blockchain.


Lack of Intrinsic Value

Another key factor pointed out by the two authors was the lack of intrinsic value of cryptocurrencies. They believe that there is no credible sovereign banking and thinks that digital coins could not replace legal fiat currencies. The anonymous nature would only make it tough to executive KYC and anti-money laundering practices. While not indicating the acceptable DLT use in China, the authors think that decentralization of the nation’s commercial bill market offers enough potential for blockchain apps.

Though China has been strict on anything about digital currencies and ICOs, it has taken a favorable stand on DLT. For instance, the country’s 13th Five-Year Plan includes blockchain for the period between 2016 and 2020. Similarly, its president, Xi Jinping, termed DLT as “part of the technological revolution.”


China Against Cryptos

China has repeatedly been stating its stance against the emerging asset class and even banned ICOs in totality in September 2017. The government has declared ICO as an illegal form of fundraising and ordered the closure of domestic cryptocurrency exchange platforms, which offered crypto-associated facilities. As a result, China-based big digital coin exchanges have moved to neighboring countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan and continue their services to even domestic investors.

At the same time, some operators acted as market-makers in over-the-counter trading since it was not banned openly. The regulators have been warning against cryptocurrencies and even resorted to cracking down on those trying to use different or alternative names to circumvent the ban.

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Don’t vote for John McAfee



John McAfee has announced that he will be the fray for the US Presidential elections of 2020. His slogan says Don't vote for John McAfee

John McAfee’s Election Campaign to Focus on Cryptocurrency

John McAfee is clear on what he wants. He announced that he is one of the top contenders for US President in 2020. His sole motto will be promoting Cryptocurrency. While McAfee CTO Steve Grobman says, the industry should include their focus on securing beyond the counting process and cultivate broader concern at the voting processes itself. He identified risks in the current US elections as well, pointing out that there was a ‘gap’ insecurity in communications between the local jurisdictions and constituencies.

The top-executive proposes that security issues in the processes of elections being conducted should also secure the infrastructure used such as counting machines and voting machines have to be considered as combined security risks.


McAfee for President in 2020

Besides, there is another connection between the US elections and McAfee. The founder of McAfee, John McAfee has announced that he will be the fray for the US Presidential elections of 2020.  He had set the ball rolling with a proposal being made out to the local party, Libertarian Party for a nomination back in 2016. Back during those elections days, his focus was on ‘lapses in cybersecurity.’ Four years down the line, his efforts in campaigning for Presidency will focus on ‘currency independence’ since he believes that in five years there would be no fiat currency to talk about. He admits that he will never get elected to the post, but would concentrate on the opportunity. The run-up to the contest would be the perfect opportunity to showcase the cause and effectiveness of cryptocurrencies.


Concerns in US elections

Grobman said that his organization was able to identify “two big issues” regarding local jurisdictional communication between constituencies.

The issues are the result of the decentralization of US elections which are conducted by the states and the local authorities in their capacities and not by a unified central body. There are no standards, and the practices of every state and local body differ from one to the other.

The first issue was with relation to use of Top-level domains which are not standardized, and there is no regulation by the government. Grobman said,

“We found, for example, that a lot of the jurisdictions are using .com, .net and .org for their official voting information sites.”

The second issue was the lack of fundamental or ‘basic’ cyber hygiene practice in local jurisdictions. The sites were not using SSL or TSS which are standard practice and allow users a higher level of communications assurance.

One of the worst sites to be affected by this development was – 92.6% was West Virginia. These sites did not enforce TLS nor SSL, with other states, 91% of Texas-based election-specific websites not following the process, apart from Montana’s 90% sites.

At the same time, these practices are not concerns which are specific only to the US. Grobman shared that these could be issues which are challenging most other governments as well.

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