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Lisk blockchain stops operations due to an occurrence of unforeseen bug



lisk blockchain bug

Recently, transactions made utilising Lisk blockchain came to a halt as an erroneous transaction activated automated security frameworks on the system.

Max Kordek, The President and CEO of Lisk, immediately posted on Reddit, that briefed the matter to the community of Lisk. Max stated:

“During European morning hours, an anonymous individual broadcasted a faulty transaction to the Lisk network. Due to a rare edge-case bug in transaction processing, this transaction was deemed valid and went through the processing steps on each individual node. However, it was an invalid, maliciously customized transaction type that utilised this particular code bug.”

To fight the issue, the Lisk blockchain instantly halted the operations of new blocks, making all transactions made on the system to stop. As the system stopped working, many transactions started to grow on the system, with no transaction reaching the end point.

Presently, it is not clear whether the individual had a malevolent plan. Kordek stated, that the bug was discovered and worked upon, regardless of whether it was as an analysis or an attack is as yet obscure.

At first look, the constrained transitory stop in the Lisk blockchain might be seen as something a centralized blockchain network could have done.

Nonetheless, Max called attention to that the reason for the system to stop was because of an automated fail-safe framework which safeguards the Lisk blockchain. Numerous clients of the firm immediately expressed their appreciation for the safe and secure framework. One Reddit client stated:

“Almost like Lisk has its own built-in antivirus. That’s awesome, haven’t heard of this in any other project.”

Lisk utilises a Delegated Proof Of Stake framework to help check the system. This demonstrates identically to a standard POS framework however utilises a fixed measure of delegate nodes to help validate the system.

Numerous analysts thinks that a DPOS framework acquaints centralisation to the decentralised nature of digital currencies. Nevertheless, by and large with Lisk and ARK, DPOS frameworks have been turned out to be reasonably successful at securing blockchains worth a millions of dollars.

The Lisk group propelled a fix, at around 5:00 PM GMT, which completely switched the issues caused by this broken and pernicious transaction.

Jan, the community manager stated:

“We have just now released the  fix and solution to this matter and are now returning to a normal and regularly operated network. Within the next moments, everything will be optimally functioning and will allow for all users to use the Lisk blockchain and their tokens as they did prior to this. To remind you all, everyone’s fund is safe.”

Max pointed out that once the system starts operating once more, it will go about as though the transactions happened after the interruption did not occur.

This part of the fix was important in ensuring that all funds on the system remains secure as though the bug never happened.


Top 10 Bitcoin Advertising Network Platforms



Popular Bitcoin Advertising Networks

Best Bitcoin Advertising networks as of 2018

Advertising can be considered as a form of providing an information to the people so that they are aware of the product or service they provide. In olden days people used to march around the whole village holding banners to advertise the product or a service to the people. But as days have passed by modern methods are used for advertisements. The current generation online and hence instant, therefore the advertising industry adapted to the situation in order to meet the requirements. A whole new spectrum of opportunities has evolved in the online marketing industry.

The cryptocurrency world is seeming very promising to many people and is hence trying to find out ways to earn them. Advertisements are one of the means to get them. If a person runs a website which is related in publishing the cryptocurrency related contents then if he ties up with an Advertising network then that company would pay him to show their ads on his webpage. In particular, if the website is related to Bitcoin then collaborating with a Bitcoin Advertising Network would be a preferred option. Some of the most popular Bitcoin Advertising Networks are listed below.


  1. A-ADS (ANONYMOUS ADS). It is regarded as one of the best in the field. As the cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain Technology aims at providing complete transparency and therefore privacy, the company seems to follow it’s footsteps and doesn’t track the personal data. It does so, by not allowing any cookies to be left on the visitor’s computer. They are one of the oldest Advertising Networks that still exist. It offers only Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)  type of advertising models. They have no restriction on the type of website that they collaborate with is the minimum traffic limit that a particular website should have.


  1. Coinzilla.IO.  One of the most famous advertising networks along many other is COINZILLA.IO. The advertising network strives to provide the most relaxed and high-quality advertisements to its customers. The publisher has an advantage of fast website approval. Payment is done here only in Bitcoins. It is held for a period of seven days in order to avoid or check the fraudulent activity/clicks on the website. The minimum payout is around 0.001BTC with a fee levied upon it of 0.0001BTC. Here, the one of the requirement is that the website must be more than 3 months old.


  1. ADVERTI – INNOVATIVE Bitcoin Advertising Network. It is one of the most innovative Bitcoin advertising networks and it even claims that it provides more than 100 million impressions on websites on a monthly basis. It is one of the best advertising networks providing the highest revenue. It employs CPM advertising model. The payout can be in both USD as well as Bitcoins. A split up the option of the payout is also available. The company does not accept adult websites and also it must be at least three months old. They also support Paypal as the payment method.


  1. MELLOW ADS. They are also one of the leading Bitcoin Advertising Networks which specializes in providing banner advertisement as well as a pop-under advertisement models. An automatic payment system is available here and a 10% pay provided is provided for network campaigning. The website must have at least three months of history and a manageable Alexa ranking. The payment is done only in Bitcoins. This particular advertising network is very fast growing with almost 8.2 billion banner as well as pop-under ad Impressions within past 30 days.


  1. COINURL. It is one of the most popular organizations providing an URL shortening service. A URL shortener is nothing but a tool which is used to reduce the length of the uniform resource locator which redirects to the original page itself. However, it is also a Bitcoin advertising network. It provides a banner advertisement model where the publisher is paid using the Cost-per-click system. All kinds of websites are supported and the payment is done on a daily basis.


  1. Bitmedia.IO. It is currently supporting more than 4000 websites which deliver almost 3.6 million ad Impressions. The Advertising Network is best suited for crypto-related Niche websites. The payments are done on a daily basis with a minimum payout being 0.01 BTC. It specifically requires the websites which are cryptocurrency and Blockchain related. Websites with spams and auto-redirects would not be accepted.


  1. COINTRAFFIC. It is another Bitcoin advertising network which places its advertisements on its list of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin websites. It is estimated that the company imparts almost 3.6 billion impressions per month. The company supports websites without adult content. There must be 10000 unique visitors every month and hence it must be a top domain. It offers CPC and CPM based advertisements with no bonus for referrals.


  1. CoinAd.  This Bitcoin advertising network is very unique from all the other networks. It is unique in a way that they impose strict requirements for the websites and new publishers can get in touch with them only on an invite basis.  It is considered to be a privilege if one manages to collaborate with this particular Bitcoin advertising network. The publisher will gain enough profit if his website is of good quality and receives a lot of traffic. The payout is done on a weekly basis in Bitcoin or by using PayPal.


  1. Adbit. This advertising network is a part of BitRush. Here the various advertisers compete with each other and bidding is done for the ad space provided on your website. Hence the publisher can gain maximum profit out of his ad space provided. The payment is done instantly with every click which is done in the advertisement.
  2. Bittraffic. If the publisher’s website of a niche type then this service can effectively be applied in order to earn money. It can reach thousands of customers within a matter of few hours itself. The service is available worldwide. It provides CPM and CPC type of ad model. Payment is done in various cryptocurrencies.

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Coinnounce launches TradingSim, a 100% free crypto trading learning tool



Coinnounce has launched TradingSim, which is a completely free crypto trading learning tool

Over years, amateur traders have always complained about having learned all the basics and workings of a digital currency platform and still could not make any profits and ended up losing their money even after months of researching and learning. This makes them want to give up even if they really want to work in this industry and reap some harvests of their own. It is for people like these that Coinnounce has launched TradingSim, which is a completely free crypto trading learning tool. It helps you simulate live trading conditions where one can practice and learn the nuances of trading before they actually invest their money on live trading platforms.


Who is it for?

This helps them to not just simulate live conditions but also learn trading techniques which they can utilize to gain profits when they actually start trading with their real money. Anyone from a hedge fund manager to a stay at home mom can try their hands at this crypto trading learning tool.

This helps traders not just beginners, but also advance level traders, to improve their trading skills without risking any real capital. This simulator can be accessed at any time of the day or night, as per the users’ convenience, and a part time trader can then practice after their regular job hours. This helps you develop your skill and start trading like a pro, where the learning takes place at your own pace. It accelerates the steep learning curve of becoming a consistently profitable trader.


Signing up and further

Signing up on this platform is really easy and quick. All you have to do is visit their site at this link and click on ‘Create a New Account’. You would be asked for your name, a valid Email ID, a unique password of your own which you would be asked to enter every time you wish to login onto the simulator, and then you would be asked to re enter the password for confirmation. Check the box next to ‘I agree to the terms of service’ and click ‘Let’s go’. And you can get started.

It does not require any additional downloads. It runs completely on your Internet browser. Once you hit on ‘Let’s go’, your account is activated and you would be walked through to setup your dashboard. You would first be asked to select the language you would like to use. After this, you would be asked to make a choice of the currency you would like to practise trading with. After you have made this choice, you would be asked to select 4 of your top choices in cryptocurrency. Choose your favorite 4 digital currencies from the long list of options available and you are all set up!


Features of TradingSim

The entire set up of the simulator is very simple, user interactive, and easy to use. There is a panel on the left hand side called ‘My Watching List’. You can also change the overall theme of the site between Dark or Light – depends on your personal choice.

Another thin vertical panel on the left hand side has several options like Board, Order Book, Market, Portfolio, Leader Board, Calculator, and News. The News option keeps you up to date about the most recent of news in the digital currency world, and the Order Book option can be used to look at your complete trading history.

The platform is so easy to use that you will be placing trades within minutes of creating an account without reading lengthy instruction manuals or how to guides. You practice account starts with a minimum balance of $5,000. Subsequent investments and profits keep bringing changes into this ledger.

You can also download the pushbullet app and integrate your two accounts so that you can receive notifications in your phone if you do not have continuous access to your laptop.


Indicators on TradingSim

The TradingSim platform offers several indicators using which you can evaluate your performance. These include Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Simple Moving Average (SMA), Bollinger Bands (BBands), Average True Range (ATR), MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Relative Strength Index (RSI), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Rate of Change (ROC), and the Average Directional Index (ADI).

This software would help you reduce your learning curve and grasp trading skills fast without having to suffer heavy capital losses in the real world live trading.

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15 insights on Multiwallet by Freewallet



Understanding some of the key characteristics of Multiwallet by Freewallet

Understanding some of the key characteristics of Multiwallet by Freewallet

The Cryptocurrency era which apparently was started In 2009 and reached its heights in the year 2017 has given birth to a number of other related domains and services. The cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providing services are one of them. The cryptocurrency exchanges are used as a medium for the long term and short term investors in order to invest or have transactions in the cryptocurrency domain to make short or long term profits respectively.

The profits and losses made by these particular cryptocurrency exchanges need to be stored somewhere, this is where the wallet providing service comes into the picture. Wallet stores the private keys of a particular user safely. If the wallet is online it is known as a hot wallet and if it is offline it is known as a cold wallet. Traditionally the cold wallets are preferred over hot wallets because they provide protection against the scams and frauds which occur in the online Blockchain industry. A number of wallet providing companies have come forward but Freewallet is one of the most popular ones in the market.  Recently it launched Multi wallet which covered a large spectrum of cryptocurrencies.


  1. Freewallet is an organization specialized in providing a user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet to its customers.


  1. The has dedicated wallets for more than 20 most popular cryptocurrencies. The apps are available for Android, iOS, and also a web interface is available.


  1. According to a survey connected by the company, almost 20% of its users used different wallets for their use. Hence the company took a decision to meet their requirements and created a multi-currency wallet named Multi wallet.


  1. Multi wallet supports Bitcoin ethereum and a total of 25 cryptocurrencies can be stored in one wallet itself.


  1. It provides free transactions with no transaction fee between the Multiwallet users.


  1. However, it comprises a set of 4 different transaction fee, for different Bitcoin transactions.


  1. Extensive security is provided to the funds stored on the wallet and also the security protocols are regularly updated to prevent any kind of losses to both of them.


  1. A multiwallet is studded with loads of new features. The Hot section displays the rapidly growing cryptocurrencies at that moment.


  1. It was also aimed at providing a service to the customers who were keen in maintaining their portfolios at one place.


  1. It provides a seamless interface with simple yet effective insights about some of the popular cryptocurrencies without diving into the technical complexities.


  1. Their apps are so intuitive that they have managed to gain the top positions in the Google Play store.


  1. They even provide with a wallet to organize a token portfolio named Token Wallet.


  1. A lite version is also available namely Freewallet lite.


  1. In December 2017, a bug was found in the Multiwallet app in transacting the NEM tokens and was regarded as a fraud.


  1. There were even speculations that they redirected all the transactions to their personal wallet.


Any cryptocurrency exchange or a Wallet providing company cannot be trusted due to the fact that it is centralized in nature. The whole power is vested with one single entity and hence is highly vulnerable to attacks from the hackers. The best way to store the cryptocurrency coins is in the firm id cold storage in devices like pen drives.

Freewallet is one of the best and well-known cryptocurrency wallet providers but the only drawback is that they hold all the private keys.  Thus can be considered good or bad from the users perspective. If the users take the whole responsibility of his coins then this service is not good for him. On the other hand, if the users prefer the company to be responsible for his coins then this is undoubtedly a good initiative.

Some of the experts in the field even believe that this is a 100% scam, despite its popularity and huge customer base. It was also the pioneer in developing a dedicated Wallet for a number of cryptocurrencies.

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