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Lisk blockchain stops operations due to an occurrence of unforeseen bug

1 year ago

Recently, transactions made utilising Lisk blockchain came to a halt as an erroneous transaction activated automated security frameworks on the system.

Max Kordek, The President and CEO of Lisk, immediately posted on Reddit, that briefed the matter to the community of Lisk. Max stated:

“During European morning hours, an anonymous individual broadcasted a faulty transaction to the Lisk network. Due to a rare edge-case bug in transaction processing, this transaction was deemed valid and went through the processing steps on each individual node. However, it was an invalid, maliciously customized transaction type that utilised this particular code bug.”

To fight the issue, the Lisk blockchain instantly halted the operations of new blocks, making all transactions made on the system to stop. As the system stopped working, many transactions started to grow on the system, with no transaction reaching the end point.

Presently, it is not clear whether the individual had a malevolent plan. Kordek stated, that the bug was discovered and worked upon, regardless of whether it was as an analysis or an attack is as yet obscure.

At first look, the constrained transitory stop in the Lisk blockchain might be seen as something a centralized blockchain network could have done.

Nonetheless, Max called attention to that the reason for the system to stop was because of an automated fail-safe framework which safeguards the Lisk blockchain. Numerous clients of the firm immediately expressed their appreciation for the safe and secure framework. One Reddit client stated:

“Almost like Lisk has its own built-in antivirus. That’s awesome, haven’t heard of this in any other project.”

Lisk utilises a Delegated Proof Of Stake framework to help check the system. This demonstrates identically to a standard POS framework however utilises a fixed measure of delegate nodes to help validate the system.

Numerous analysts thinks that a DPOS framework acquaints centralisation to the decentralised nature of digital currencies. Nevertheless, by and large with Lisk and ARK, DPOS frameworks have been turned out to be reasonably successful at securing blockchains worth a millions of dollars.

The Lisk group propelled a fix, at around 5:00 PM GMT, which completely switched the issues caused by this broken and pernicious transaction.

Jan, the community manager stated:

“We have just now released the  fix and solution to this matter and are now returning to a normal and regularly operated network. Within the next moments, everything will be optimally functioning and will allow for all users to use the Lisk blockchain and their tokens as they did prior to this. To remind you all, everyone’s fund is safe.”

Max pointed out that once the system starts operating once more, it will go about as though the transactions happened after the interruption did not occur.

This part of the fix was important in ensuring that all funds on the system remains secure as though the bug never happened.

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