Link gains over 10% after collaborating with Constellation network – ChainLink News

The LINK price has beaten the market with 10% of day-to-day gains. The altcoin exceeded other altcoins and currently exists as the 15th largest coin with a value of $1,004,711,335 by market cap. ChainLink attained over ten percent of its value in a span of 24 hours, recovering from the ongoing low of $2.19.

Recently, ChainLink joined hands with the Constellation network. LINK will be integrated with the network to combine big data solutions with the distributed ledger technology. As witnesses, the collaboration has certainly pumped up the prices.

Under the partnership, Constellation will become an oracle junction on the Chainlink Platform.
“Poor quality data costs businesses nearly $700B a year or 30% of an average company’s revenues. Groundbreaking technologies, like Constellation and Chainlink, are approaching the big data space with decentralized, secure, and novel solutions to big problems.” Benjamin Jorgensen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Constellation Network, commented. “The collaboration showcases two blockchain companies with the aim of setting new standards around data while driving real-world adoption of distributed ledger technology.”

The Constellation Network renders communication protocols and infrastructure solutions for corporate clients, including the United States Air Force. On the other hand, ChainLink develops customizable API middleware solutions to aid smart contracts adoption by large firms.