Launching a Bitcoin Startup? Start with a killer domain name

With so many Bitcoin startups taking place and turning into billion dollars businesses in just a few years, it can be intriguing to launch your own digital currency startup. Keep in mind for turning a Bitcoin startup into a successful business, a lot of things have to go right, starting from the name of the company itself. There are a lot of examples where a crypto exchange startup has gone from a local startup to a billion-dollar enterprise. Currently, bitcoin is the most widely used alternative currency in the world with approximately market cap of 7 billion dollars. The industry is rapidly growing, and this could be the right time for you to launch your bitcoin startup.

Billion-dollar startups

A startup like Binance, which was started by Changpeng Zhao, became the worlds leading crypto exchange in just eight months. The current net worth of Zhao is estimated to be around 1.4 billion dollars. There are many startups like Binance, which became successful in that amount of time. Bitpay launched in 2011 and became the world’s leading payment processor in bitcoin in just a few years. So, there are plenty of reasons for you to begin your bitcoin startup, and if everything goes right, you might also make the list of bitcoin billionaires.

So, if you are looking to launching your bitcoin startup soon by taking inspiration from industry giants, you should plan out everything. And if you already have a basic outline for your startup and looking to take the next steps, wait before you make that next big decision, have you thought out the name of your website? If not, we are here to help you out. Choosing the right domain can get very difficult and confusing, and even if you come up with a cool name, there is a high possibility of that name being already taken. But don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the exactly right name that would fit your startup.

Following are the categories of business and list of domain names that you can have to start your journey in the bitcoin world.

Bitcoin Advertising or Marketing Startup: is a welcoming name that invites ‘bitcoin’ enthusiasts to ‘visit’ often. is the best combination of the words “bitcoin” and “advertising”. is a professional, financial and entertaining name.


Bitcoin Trading Startup: is a commercially viable name that centers on the words ‘trader’ and ‘bull’.


2. is a modern brand name well suited to a cryptocurrency brand.


3. is a mass-market and driven domain name well suited to any cryptocurrency business.

4. is a friendly and conscientious name that facilitates and combines the words ‘easy’ and ‘exchange’.

5. is an on-trend name related to dealings in cryptocurrency or bitcoin.

Bitcoin E-commerce Startup:

1. is a  perfect abstract for the word ‘biggest’.

2. is a short domain name suitable for any modern startup.

3. is a financial name based on the words ‘coin’ and ‘deals’.

4. is a financial name with a technological background suitable for a bitcoin or cryptocurrency business.

Bitcoin Guide and Learning Startup


With use the latest technology for your business and product with this professional domain name. is a niche name designed for the experts in cryptocurrencies. is a cryptocurrency domain name that plays on the word floor.

Bitcoin news site is a cryptocurrency domain name which is a combination of the words ‘crypto’ and ‘ranked is a trendy name with a technical edge.

Use to get the latest updates from the cryptocurrency space

4. is a cryptocurrency domain name based on the animated television series Scooby-Doo.

Bitcoin Wallet and Portfolio startup

1. is a  cryptocurrency domain name inspired by the fictional character James Bond.

2. is a perfect domain name for a cryptocurrency or blockchain business based on the word ‘blockchain’


Use to grow your wealth.

4. is a domain name of the digital era suitable for any cryptocurrency-related business.

5. is a technology-based domain name based on the cryptocurrency term ‘HODL’,

6. is for any cryptocurrency-related organization.

7. is a friendly and technology-focused brand name designed for a bitcoin or cryptocurrency startup

8. is a perfect name for anything from a bitcoin payment processing company, a wallet to a payroll service.

Bitcoin Venture Capital Firm startup

1. is a comprehensive name with a combination of ‘Block’, a short form for ‘Blockchain’ and ‘VP’, a short form for ‘Venture Partners’ or ‘Vice President’.

Bitcoin Consulting Agency startup

1. is an enticing name that promises lucrative rewards.

2. is a communicative name based on the words ‘discuss’ and ‘crypto’


Bitcoin Forum startup

1. is a technical name focusing on the words ‘coin’ and ‘channel’ worth engaging with.

2. is a communicative name based on the words ‘discuss’ and ‘crypto’

3. is a name that influences cryptocurrency and direction.

Bitcoin Mining startup

1.  An appealing name for the mining sector.

Bitcoin Gambling startup

1. is a perfect brand name for a gambling platform.

2. is a funny name that plays off with the word ‘lottery’.

3. a fun name with a technology background.

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