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Last Chance for Bargain Prices: Bitcoin May See Pre-Halving Dip, Warns Rekt Capital

Pseudonymous trader Rekt Capital suggests that Bitcoin investors have a two-week window to potentially buy at bargain prices before a pre-halving rally in February. Learn more about the anticipated market action and historical trends.

Pseudonymous crypto trader Rekt Capital has issued a warning to Bitcoin investors, suggesting that there may be a brief opportunity to acquire Bitcoin at "bargain-buying" prices in the coming two weeks. Rekt Capital anticipates that a pre-halving rally will commence in February, potentially affecting Bitcoin's price dynamics.

In a recent post to their substantial following of 349,000 on X, Rekt Capital outlined their analysis of Bitcoin's historical performance around halving events. According to their assessment, market activity related to Bitcoin halvings typically unfolds in five stages, with the first three stages taking place before the actual halving event.

Rekt Capital pointed out that preceding previous Bitcoin halvings, there has often been a substantial decline in prices in the months leading up to the event. This decline has historically generated significant returns for investors, and 2024 appears to be following this trend.

The Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April, involves a reduction in mining rewards for Bitcoin miners and is widely regarded as a bullish catalyst for the cryptocurrency's price.

Taking into account Bitcoin's approximately 18% retracement in January, Rekt Capital posits that there exists a two-week window during which Bitcoin could experience another substantial pullback. They noted, "Generally, any retrace during this period likely represents one of the final bargain-buying opportunities for Bitcoin in the Pre-Halving period."

Following this period, Bitcoin typically enters what Rekt Capital terms the "pre-halving rally" phase, occurring around 60 days before the halving event. During this phase, short-term traders seek to "buy the hype" leading up to the halving, with many choosing to "sell the news" shortly after the actual halving.

The "sell the news" event usually transpires one to three weeks before the halving, characterized by what Rekt Capital calls the "pre-halving retrace." Historical data indicates that in 2016, there was a 38% price decline in the weeks leading up to the halving, while in 2020, a 20% drawdown occurred.

Following a successful halving, Bitcoin tends to enter a prolonged period of relatively stable price action, described as "boring" by Rekt Capital. During this phase, many investors may be "shaken out" due to disappointment over the lack of significant price movement. This phase typically endures for an average of 150 days.

Finally, Bitcoin enters the "parabolic uptrend" phase after months of sideways consolidation and accumulation. This phase is characterized by accelerated growth in Bitcoin's price.

However, it's important to note that not all market participants share Rekt Capital's perspective on the halving's significance. Some experts argue that liquidity, rather than the halving, will play a more crucial role in shaping Bitcoin's price in 2024. Swan Bitcoin's Chief Investment Officer, Ralph Zagury, recently stated that "liquidity" would have a more substantial impact on Bitcoin's price, suggesting that the halving might have a diminishing influence on market dynamics.

As Bitcoin's future price action remains uncertain, investors should consider various factors and viewpoints when making their investment decisions.