Komodo Network Latest News, KMD Price Analysis

Various altcoins have been developing in the cryptocurrency space and keeping up with the latest advancements have become very the need of the day. Interestingly the advancements or drawbacks that cryptocurrency project persist opens up before people and they react to the news respectively. By taking huge advantage of this particular loophole, various hackers, scam people by creating Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in the minds of Crypto enthusiasts. Let us try to decipher some of the latest advancements with respect to Komodo Network.


Significant achievements with respect to Komodo blockchain

The blockchain project has recently collaborated with the University of Texas in Arlington (UTA). The blockchain platform has also been sponsoring many students for their education, as the members at Komodo firmly believe in education through their various scholarship opportunities.

Also, the team members have been developing various products around the blockchain platform. One such product is Verus Coin, which is a friendly folk of the original Komodo blockchain itself. it is predominantly developed, to assist the usability of the blockchain platform in general.


Price analysis

KMDUSD Price Chart
KMDUSD Price Chart



The price suddenly fell to $0.99 from $1.43 for various uninvited reasons. However, the price managed to reach $1.34 by the month end.



The price reached it all-time high of September, on 4th with the price being $1.6.



The prices significantly dropped to $0.99 on 13th October but the current price of the coin is around $1.17.