Kim Dotcom donates 10% of bitcoin fees to Julian Assange – Bitcoin News

Kim Dotcom, the Bitcoin entrepreneur, has rendered direct support to Julian Assange to help him fight the ongoing legal battle. 10% transaction fees of Dotcom's new firm will be sent to the WikiLeaks founder. A lawsuit has been filed against Assange for trying to hack into a Pentagon computer whose sentence totals to a period of 175 years. Dotcom will conduct an IEO for to raise funds amounting to around $8 million.

Kim Dotcom has declared his support for Julian Assange by donating 10% of his new firm’s transaction fees to the latter. The bitcoin entrepreneur unveiled through twitter on 29 October, stating that ten percent of’s bitcoin fees will be directly sent to Assange to help him fight his legal battle. He also boosted the WikiLeaks founder, guiding him to stay strong and mentioning that the provided bitcoins will be sufficient for him to defend himself.

Julian Assange is charged for attempting to hack into a Pentagon computer. If proved at fault, Assange can face jail sentence totaling to 175 years. WikiLeaks takes donations in various cryptocurrencies. Up till now, its Bitcoin wallets have earned above 4,000 BTC rounding to $37 million.

Kim Dotcom, as anticipated, inaugurated to obtain the benefits of the virtual currencies. The company will conduct an initial exchange offering on Bitfinex in the coming week to raise funds around $8 million, where verified investors can give to a maximum of $50,000 each. Holders of UNUS SED LEO, Bitfinex’s in-house token, will be capable of doubling their contribution.

Ryan Asher
Ryan Asher
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