Kevin Connolly’s Cryptos TV show: The Good and the Bad

Kevin Connolly, we know from the comedy-drama television series Entourage where he played the character Eric Murphy is making a new TV series about cryptocurrency called ‘Cryptos’. He hopes that the show can open up a notoriously complicated subject for the public. Kevin Connolly said that the thing that scares people about cryptocurrency is the lack of understanding. The trailer of the Cryptos TV show looks quite fascinating.


Cryptos TV Show: The Good and the Bad

The Cryptos TV show is going to be great exposure for cryptocurrencies overall. It is going to present a lot of topics and explain things to people and millions of people are probably going to learn about cryptocurrency because of this TV show. The sponsorship opportunities for the cryptocurrency companies on the show are going to be ridiculous.

It could end up going bad potentially. It could really show the wrong side of the industry such as starting an ICO, making millions of dollars, getting lambos, going to parties spending investors money etc.

The trailer doesn’t really give us too much idea of what the show is really going to be like but if it is done well, it could show the power, use cases and investment potential of cryptocurrencies. It could send a very strong message to the viewers about why cryptocurrencies are awesome.


What’s different in Cryptos TV Show?

This is not the first time we are seeing cryptocurrency related media coming out. HBO’s Silicon Valley for example frequently talks about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and ICOs but a lot of that stuff is usually happening in a very joke kind of context. So perhaps the Cryptos TV show from Kevin Connoly could focus it more on the power of the technology versus just some fun jokes once in a while. We have already seen a lot of documentaries about bitcoin but the people who really don’t know anything about bitcoin, probably aren’t going to get out and watch those documentaries but they might watch the Cryptos TV show especially when it is Entourage level entertaining. We have also seen quite a few films coming out particularly based on bitcoin, none of them have been really big yet but we do have a movie which is in post-production right now called ‘Crypto’ which is a crime drama thriller but we have seen how grossly cryptocurrency can be misrepresented.

It seems that the intention of the guys behind Cryptos TV show is to present cryptocurrency in an honest way and there is a lot of dirty stuff going on in cryptocurrency space and they should talk about that too but hopefully they’ll also talk about the good stuff as we always see different publications coming out all the time making smear jobs on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a million different reasons. To have an entire multi-season TV series with some kind of good message out there about what crypto is could be good for the entire cryptocurrency community.

The team behind Cryptos TV show claims to be in a process of producing the first 10 episodes with a hope of being picked up by Netflix or Amazon. This could be a big driver in making crypto go mainstream.

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