JP Morgan Adds Privacy Features to Quorum Blockchain

JP Morgan Chase’s blockchain team has formulated a privacy trait for ethereum-based blockchains. It not only limits how much cash is being transferred but also who is sending it. JP Morgan has created an extension to the Zether protocol. Zether is completely decentralized, compatible with ethereum and any other intelligent contract platform. Also, it is a cryptographic protocol for seemingly confidential payments. Moreover, it is developed to add a new base of anonymity to transactions. The New York-based financial firm will open-source the extension on Tuesday. Furthermore, it is likely to implement it with Quorum. It is the bank’s homegrown, unique version of ethereum.

Zether, which was created by a team of financial technology researchers and academics inclusive of Dan Boneh from Stanford University, applies zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). It is a branch of Mathematics that enables one party to justify knowledge of some secret value or even information without indicating any data about that secret.

JP Morgan has had a very busy year in the blockchain space. It is because of the headline-grabbing intentions for an internal and price-stable cryptocurrency referred to as JPM Coin.

Just as importantly, the company attracted 220 banks to its Quorum-based Interbank Information Network. Also, it recently accomplished a load of integration work with Microsoft Azure. It is as JP Morgan proceeds to establish Quorum to be spun out and be in existence as an open-source protocol in the World.

Harris explained that Zether’s private payments architecture implements an “account-based approach” employed by ethereum. It is contrary to the unspent transaction output (UTXO) based approach which bitcoin clients use. The UTXO is, moreover, a characteristic of the confidential-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash in which the pioneering ZKP component of Quorum was grounded on.

In this directive, the extension could profit not only users of Quorum but also businesses structuring on top of other ethereum variants. It could also be other conceivably enterprises leveraging the public ethereum chain.

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