John Mcafee threatens the US govt, says i will release incriminating data

John McAfee, founder of McAfee Associates and Bitcoin billionaire has begun a fresh controversy and this time around, he has warned the U.S. government that he will bury them. How that will come to be has been unraveled in a tweet on June 8, 2019, where he claimed he will unleash data that will expose the mass corruption in the government if the feds do not leave him alone.


John McAfee Vs. the U.S. Government

John McAfee is one not to agree with the government and that has been evident in his numerous rants about the system. In a series of tweets during the course of the weekend, the 73-year-old said he had been alerted by friends in high places that the U.S. Department of Justice is brewing a case against him for murder, racketeering, and money laundering.

The British-American programmer threatened that if he is arrested or disappears, he will release incriminating data pertaining to the mass corruption in the government to the press. The data will hold over 31 terabytes worth of information and specifically, he will begin with a “corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officials.”

John McAfee’s Comments May be Called a Bluff

While many may decide to call his comments a bluff given that this is not the first time he has made comments of this nature, there seems to be an air of confidence pertaining to this one. However, it is the same John McAfee who recently told Bloomberg that he knows who Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator is and will reveal their identity within one week. Its been over a month already and Craig Wright is still battling with the title after John McAfee backed out of his own quest to tell us who Satoshi is.


On the other hand, McAfee’s bone of contention with the government can be traced to January 22, 2019, after he outrightly stated that he has not been paying tax for the past 8 years. According to him, he has not been filing tax returns because “Taxation is illegal,” “I paid tens of millions already and received [nothing] in services,” “I’m done making money,” among several other reasons.


The Bitcoin proponent also revealed that he is running from the IRS who are looking for him for unspecified crimes. He added that his campaign for the 2020 U.S. presidential elections will be conducted while on exile and his campaign slogan is “Don’t vote for McAfee.” A look at his campaign website shows McAfee’s belief that the government oppresses people with money but cryptocurrency can set people free from the bondage.


In a tweet on June 10, 2019, McAfee said:

“I am not implying that our entire Government is corrupt. I am saying that it is corrupt to the point that no-one is untouched by it.”

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