Jet Token is raising $10 million for Ethereum-based private jets marketplace – Ethereum News

Jet Token is raising $10 million in a Regulation A offering. The US start-up would make it possible for the travelers to lease private jets using ERC20 tokens. Jet Token had already launched an initial version of its iOS app back in September.


US-based start-up, Jet Token, is raising $10 million for its Etherum based private jet leasing marketplace. Travelers will be able to lease private charters using ERC20 tokens. A flight from New York City to Miami would cost $15,000 on a charter.

Jet Token in a statement, said that adding tokens as a form of payment would make the purchases process more flexible and would allow for faster booking confirmation of air charter flights.

General Aviation Manufacturers Association’s data shows that there are 14,217 business jets in the US, which makes the country a leader in this industry. Out of those, only 2,876 are available for booking.

 TurnKey Jet, Inc is also building a same similar platform as it managed to become the first crypto company that obtained a no-action letter from the SEC earlier in April. Jet Token informed that the platform is currently under development and is not yet operational. 

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