Israel’s new plan to contain coronavirus threatens data privacy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed the use of anti-terrorism tracking to locate people who are either carrying the virus or who have had contact with virus carriers.

According to the Reuters report, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu proposed the use of a tracking system that would locate people with coronavirus in real-time. The proposal has drawn some controversy as it compromises the data privacy of the citizens. 


Israel turns to anti-terror tech to counter coronavirus pandemic.

The idea of cyber-tech monitoring by the Israeli government has raised concerns. The prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, said that they would very soon begin using the digital means that they have to counter-terrorism to contain coronavirus in the country. The prime minister further informed that he had requested the Justice Ministry’s approval because such measures could infringe patients’ privacy.


Civil Rights experts show concern over the use of tech to track citizens. 

Avner Pinchuk, a privacy expert with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, informed that such capabilities could include real-time tracking of infected persons’ mobile phones to spot quarantine breaches and other activities of coronavirus patients. Pinchuk expressed his concern over the decision. He went on to say that he understands these are unique circumstances, but it seems potentially like over-reach. Much will depend on how intrusive the new measures are, he added. Online privacy advocate Edward Snowden also criticized a bill proposed by US lawmakers that threatens the data privacy of citizens. 

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  1. It’s strange for me that people, seeing how much harm can the virus bring, still hide the fact they’re infected. Blockchain based apps have to work for helping people, not looking for them. For example Utopia p2p app ran a COVID-19 chat for those who have some inside news, needs help or can offer it. That’s the best way of how it should be.

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