Is IOTA worth investing now? Complete analysis.

Weighing the factors affecting the future of IOTA.


Why is the investment in cryptocurrencies appreciable?

The cryptocurrency investments have become far more secure and less uncertain, as it has been regulated by various financial institutes of various countries. Also, the underlying Blockchain platform supports the crypto market indirectly. The blockchain technology is the only one which directly forms the basis of cryptocurrencies and it ensures that the system is highly secure, through its distributed ledger. Eye-watering returns can be availed in a very seamless manner as the whole process has been inherently made online. Many of them still assume that Bitcoin has the potential for the highest amount of return on investment, but it is highly probable that some other Altcoin, with a fundamental use case, might generate revenues, in an unprecedented scale.


The IOTA project is all set to transform IOT applications

IOTA is one such project which has a fundamental use case, to generate high revenues. It basically stands for Internet Of Things Applications and powers the entire ecosystem with its cryptocurrency tokens. Specifically, IOTA leverages the usage of the applications based on one of the booming technology, IOT. The IOTA project has proven to optimize scalability, transaction costs, and most predominantly the Offline transactions. Initiated in the year 2016, and interestingly, IOTA is based on Tangle technology rather than the traditional Blockchain Technology.


Why must anyone invest in IOTA?

IOTA’s offline facility has enabled many industries to undertake the offline microtransactions on their machines and the whole set, can seamlessly be updated they get reconnected. The IOTA project has collaborated with major IT Tech companies like Microsoft, and as a result, many investors along with the general public have attuned their attention towards IOTA for investment purposes. With its collaboration with major companies, at the current point of time, IOTA can absolutely be considered worth investing in.


Below are some of the reasons why IOTA is worth investing in.

  • The IOTA project leaves no room for inefficiency when it comes to the utilization of Iot, which is a $267 billion industry in itself. Also, the indirect use of the mixture of IoT, Machine Learning, and Blockchain would highly be beneficial for IOTA.
  • IOTA’s blockless ecosystem enable all the users for hassle-free transactions and is highly scalable in nature. This facility has lead to its collaboration with companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Fujitsu, Cisco Systems, and Volkswagen. Incorporation of IOTA by major tech companies would invariably result in the rise in its value.
  • The incorporation of IOTA by the City of Taipei has resulted in the usage of tangled based ID cards for the personal identification of the citizens.
  • IOTA is basically targeting another technology which seems to have a bright future. It even predicted that the Iot sector would be worth $267B by 2020, as major companies are investing in the Iot based initiatives.
  • The IOTA project is completely free of the transaction costs, as the network is infinitely scalable. These features are very rare in the Cryptoverse, these days.
  • As it was developed in 2016, the IOTA project is dealing with a lot of teething problems, but according to experts it would overcome all its loopholes and become a marketplace for the IOT based applications as well as big data analysis. This would mark an unprecedented incorporation of the marketplace, leading to its mainstream adoption.


Precautions that need to be considered while investing in IOTA

The investment would be worthwhile in IOTA, but its underlying Tangle technology is still in its initial phases and therefore needs a lot of trial and error, before becoming the perfect technology. The crypto experts even speculate that the transactions stored within the network might relatively be unsecured. Therefore, it is highly advised to stake only the amount of funds which a particular user is OK to lose, else hacking of a Crypto exchange or any wallet doesn’t take more than a few hours. The Rival cryptocurrency projects like, the IOT Chain have been initiated which might give IOTA a head to head competition.


Points to ponder by the investors

Now, as you have understood the pros and cons of investing in IOTA, it is up to you to take a call. Investments must be initiated only when one is absolutely convinced by the project and not by the popularity. This article is, in no way, an investment advise and does not provide any guarantees on any of the above facts. It is solely the opinion of the writer and every reader must do his/her own research and analysis before investing in any cryptocurrency or digital asset including Iota. You can read more about IOTA here and don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below what do you think about investing in IOTA.