IOTA announced the launch of its new hardware wallet


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IOTA announced the launch of a new hardware wallet based on  CClient v1.0.0-beta. According to Sam Chem software developer at IOTA, CClient library is meant to apply the Tangle into IoT ecosystems. And it will allow users to communicate with small devices as it has in-built wireless connectivity.

Sam explained the product in a blog. He wrote that it is a 32bit SoC (System on Chip) based on the Xtensa LX6. He claimed that the wallet would be able to operate at 160 or 240 MHz and has a memory size of 512 KB.

He further explained the architecture of the wallet as he mentioned that it consists of 3 parts Hardware, FreeRTOS and, the wallet application. He also mentioned that the system time would be reset after reboot every time to get the correct timestamp. Service also allows users to interact with the IRI node through terminal.

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