Investors demand the exhumation of the founder of crypto exchange QuadrigaCX.

The founder of the crypto exchange QuadrigaCX died with the passwords that hold $190 million. Investors who lost the money are demanding the exhumation of the exchange's founder.

Investors who lost $190 million are skeptic about the death of QuadrigaCX’s founder and want police to exhume the body. The lawyers of the investors of the insolvent exchange requested authorities to conduct an exhumation and postmortem autopsy on the body of Gerald Cotten, founder of QuadrigaCX.


The founder of QuadrigaCX died last year.

Gerald Cotten, the founder of QuadrigaCX, died in December 2018 in India due to complications related to Crohn’s disease. The founder had the password to crypto accounts in excess of $200 million. Lawyers have asked the authority to confirm the death of the founder by digging up his body and conducting an autopsy. QuadrigaCX was among the largest Canadian crypto exchange.


Investors are questioning the founder’s death.

Only Gerald Cotten had the passwords to access cold wallets, which he took with himself to his grave. Jennifer Robertson, the wife of Gerald, who was there at the time of death, announced in a court affidavit that she could not access QuadrigaCX’s cold wallet. The company is currently going bankruptcy proceedings in Canada. Since the death of the founder, there have been conspiracy theories that suggest Gerald faked his own death and absconded with the funds.

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