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Instagram Likes, Followers booster using AI by



Instagram likes booster

Instagram Likes, Followers booster using AI by

Any business hoping to compete effectively in 2018 is undoubtedly aware of the benefits of maintaining an active presence on popular social media, such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. With over 2.34 Billion active users, Social Media has grown to become one of the most popular platform among businesses looking to interact with potential customers and fans. Yet doing so successfully has become more of a challenge in recent years, as Social Media Platforms look to protect users from repetitive ‘spam’ content while simultaneously optimizing their news feeds; filtering out any irrelevant content. This has resulted in the need for businesses to adopt a targeted approach to marketing on Social Media, through the creation of meaningful content and careful distribution to a specific online target market.


Benefits of Buying Social Media Followers, Shares and Likes?

There are a lot of big businesses that have purchased likes, followers and fans for their profiles and for some of them this is how they got so big. You may have come across these stories on news sites in the past but some have been covered about some very well known businesses that have boosted their new social profiles and pages by buying likes and fans on them.

At the end of the day businesses do it because they know that numbers beget numbers. Just like comments beget more comments, a few likes and shares can beget more likes and shares. And simply because people are more inclined to watch a video that has a lot of views over videos that don’t because usually they have more views because they are better videos. It works the same with Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and all sorts of other social media pages and profiles in that by having a lot of followers people are much more likely to follow you. It can make them think that your account is popular and good and they want to follow you because of it.

Customers tend to get attrached towards businesses that have huge followings or that is liked by millions of people Worldwide. This is how a Brand Name is made. In the material world, people tend to get attracted towards what other people are attracted towards and this is where socialbooster comes into the picture. helps you expand your business by making it famous. If your Facebook page has a million likes, Your Instagram Page has thousands of Likes and Your Twitter Page has a huge following then every new customer who goes through these profiles would definitely build a trust just by looking at the numbers.
This is the True Game of Digital Marketing through Social Media.


Golem: Is it worth Investing now?



Golem provides the means to bridge the distance between software and hardware making sure the needs of the users are met without any disruption.

We all use computers for various reasons ranging from academics, entertainment to professional usage. At the current changing technological world there are numerous professional works that require huge amount of computational work. Golem is an open sourced supercomputer aimed at solving this.


What is golem?

It is a supercomputer that is aimed at solving the problems faced by professionals and individuals who require huge amounts of computational load and more than one computer system to work with.

Business entities or we buy computer with specifications that satisfies our requirements. But there are various works done by professionals that require huge amount of software, hardware and of course data centres to store the data that they have worked on. Usually in occasions like this people use third party services like Google, Amazon, etc. for cloud computing. Golem aims at letting the users attain their full potential at work without the interference from any third-party services allowing the users to have decentralized supercomputer network.


How does Golem work?

Golem is a decentralized supercomputer platform where for example a user who is into huge animation works requires computer hardware and software to handle the graphic load and store data too without having to buy a whole new computer system, during occasions like this golem allows the user to put a request for computer parts of software or both as per their requirement onto the golem platform and golem in turn puts up this request among lenders who have their computer parts or software or both sitting idle or for sale.

This information after it reaches the lenders, they verify and validate the user who put up the request and if they see potential in the user and if it interests them then the user and the lender are allowed to have peer to peer connection. This allows the lender to rent his computer system or parts or software to the user at the price fixed and after usage the payment is made to the lender by the user in the form of cryptocurrencies, mostly being bitcoin. This way the lender can make money out of their unused or idle system and the user can complete their work without buying a whole new system too.


Understanding the peer to peer connection before making investment in golem

To invest in new technological trends, it is always best to first understand how it works. There are three parties involved in golem, they are the users, providers and the software developers.
When the user puts up their request for computers or parts of software, this request is sent to the lenders (computer providers) and if the lender accepts, then this request is accepted and sent to the golem infrastructure in terms of hardware and after the software developer accepts this request to use their software, the request is sent to the golem application platform where the hardware and the software required by the user is put together and sent to the user for their use.

After usage, payment is made to the provider and the software developer by the means of cryptocurrencies through golem network tokens in the form of bitcoins.


What do you need to have before using golem?

Just a system with a downloaded golem software platform and some cryptocurrencies to transfer.


Is Golem promising for investment?

Currently the world is evolving at a rate where the technological opportunities is higher than the rate at which the human race is adapting to it. The software is leading the hardware capacity. Software programs that are being built to make life easier, better and more entertaining are developed at such an efficiency that the hardware systems are not being effective or sufficient enough.

Golem provides the means to bridge the distance between software and hardware making sure the needs of the users are met without any disruption or any third-party involvement by providing a direct peer-peer connection.

The opportunities that lie for golem in the fields of information technology or data centres or artificial intelligence or machine learning, etc. is huge as all these works require huge computational power and golem provides the platform to satisfy this need without any huge expense from the user’s pocket and also simultaneously allowing the lender to make money out of their unused or idle systems.

Currently the gap between software and hardware are being met but at a very slow rate thus making the work completion delay too for the users. In the future if there is no solution to bridge this gap faster, it would result in increase of the gap making all software programs not reaching their full potential thus increasing the latency time of human race to reach their full potential in evolving their skills too. If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in technological platform that makes life faster for the better and more entertaining, I would say investing in golem is the smart choice to invest for a better future.


Note: All cryptocurrency investments are very risky and this article does not provide, in an form, an investment advise. It is solely the opinion of the writer and you are required to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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Blockonix BDT Token: Listed on LAToken Exchange



The native Blockonix Token (BDT) is now trading on LAToken exchange in BDT/ETH and BDT/BTC pairs. LAToken confirmed the same with a tweet on September 18th.

BDT Token now trading on LAToken Exchange

The native Blockonix Token (BDT) is now trading on LAToken exchange in BDT/ETH and BDT/BTC pairs.

LAToken confirmed the same with a tweet on September 18th.

The BDT Token

BDT Token is one such cryptocurrency token which can be considered worth investing in, as it is the native token of the most decentralized and secure blockchain exchange in the crypto domain, Blockonix. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange predominantly is vested with the trading of the hundreds of Ethereum based tokens, with a very nominal fee of about 0.1%. The transaction fees are collected in the form of Ether and which are in turn exchanged with the BDT Tokens, the resulting BDT Tokens are then permanently destroyed, by sending them to a burn address. This would automatically create a scarcity of the BDT Tokens which would indirectly result in the increase in its value.


Further advantages of BDT Tokens

In addition to the very low transaction fee, an added advantage is availed by the users, if they choose to use the native BDT Tokens in order to undertake the trading operations on Blockonix. 70% discount will be offered on the transaction fees. It is worth noting down that the fees, that would be collected would, in turn, be utilized for the development of the community and the blockchain platform and not for a lavish personal use. The low transaction fees are enough to maintain the system, as security is incorporated intelligently through its decentralized nature. BDT Tokens are highly popular and are in demand, and is to be listed on some of the major cryptocurrency exchanges across the world.

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What is Waltonchain coin? Explained.



The Waltonchain coin initiated its operations in 2015, unofficially by the founders. Buy the actual existence of Waltonchain coin was on the year 2017.

Understanding the working mechanism of the Waltonchain coin.

Introduction to the Blockchain world

The cryptocurrencies as well as Blockchain Technology, together is revolutionizing the overall advancements within the financial as well as the non-financial domains. Blockchain Technology especially with its distributed ledger as well as amazing consensus mechanism incorporates security and most importantly Trust within the ecosystem. It is self-evident from the cryptocurrencies like Augur which provides a Decentralized prediction Marketplace and Basic Attention Token which tries to create a balance within the advertising industry. The Waltonchain coin is also one among them which brings the vision of Blockchain integration with Supply Chain Management to life. Let’s read about Waltonchain coin and its uses.


The Waltonchain coin

The Waltonchain coin initiated its operations in 2015, unofficially by the founders. Buy the actual existence of Waltonchain coin was on the year 2017. The Waltonchain coin mainly aims to achieve two of its prominent goals. The first one being, to improve the Supply Chain Management by introducing a collaboration between the RFID as well as the Blockchain technology. The second most prominent goal of Waltonchain coin project is to integrate two of the best Technologies that exist today, that is the Internet Of Things as well as Blockchain technology in order to create which they call it as Value Internet Of Things. Both of these roadmaps are expected to be achieved through Waltonchain masternode as well as Guardian Masternode.


The Waltonchain coin Masternodes

The Waltonchain master node is specifically designed to control various functional features of the entire Blockchain. It is basically nothing but a series of nodes which covers the entire blockchain. The Waltonchain coin Masternodes proves to be highly useful in validating the transactions, providing security to the whole Network, and governing the entire blockchain at difficult times. As the Waltonchain coin masternodes have so much workload, an initial Collateral needs to be provided during the initial stages by the community members for its development and maintenance.


How does the Waltonchain coin blockchain work for supply chain management?

As mentioned earlier, that the Waltonchain coin aims to revolutionize the Supply Chain Management, the entire Blockchain tracks the shipment of the product from its production to the final stages.

  1. At the production stage, with the RFID Technology, the masternodes keep track of the product.
  2. When the product reaches the warehouse another RFID tag is utilized by the Waltonchain coin masternodes.
  3. At the next step, when transportation occurs, once again the masternodes come into the picture, in order to keep track of it.
  4. Finally, when the product reaches the end of retail stores, the customer information along with their preferences for the products are recorded by the Waltonchain coin blockchain.


It is to be kept in mind that, at each of the four stages of the product, a new block is generated by the Waltonchain coin masternodes and is added to the previous block. This helps to create a detailed history of all the transactions.  


Benefits of Waltonchain coin

The Waltonchain blockchain platform effectively eliminates most of the problems that the distributors, as well as the retailers,  face, during the entire process of Supply Chain Management. However, the blocks that are generated at each step of the Waltonchain coin tracking the particular product can be viewed by a specific number of users this feature enables the Waltonchain coin blockchain in order to be both public and private at the same time. The entire market, until now had not foreseen such an intuitive application provided by the Waltonchain coin Blockchain platform.


How the Waltonchain coin, actually improves scalability?

The inherent design of the Waltonchain coin’s blockchain platform can be assumed to be derived from Ethereum as well as DASH i.e Smart contracts and POW X11 respectively. The Blockchain service provided by the Waltonchain coin is highly unique in nature, as it is split up into the Parent chain as well as the Child chain. Interestingly, in order to provide scalability for the Waltonchain coin blockchain platform, the number of Child chains can theoretically be infinite in number. This particular attribute, of the creation of Child chains, enables the industries from various domains to incorporate these child chains and modify them according to their working paradigm.

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