Insights on Zcash, Monero, Nebulas, Hshare, and Cybermiles

After the spike in the Bitcoin price in the year, 2017 many investors have attuned themselves towards the cryptocurrency space. As a result, almost more than thousands of cryptocurrencies have been developed. However, each one of them is unique, based on its cryptographic structure and its application. This created a sense of dilemma in the minds of investors in choosing the suitable cryptocurrency to invest in. Since the cryptocurrency market is not yet regulated completely, the claims to the losses in the field will yield no output, and no one is to be blamed since it is distributed among everyone.

Hence having a complete information on a set of coins is very crucial. Having a complete background information of a particular cryptocurrency coin helps us making safer choices when it comes to our interest. Let us have a brief introduction on a set of cryptocurrencies.

Insights on Zcash, Monero, Nebulas, Hshare, and Cybermiles:

    1. Zcash

This particular cryptocurrency aims at providing far more privacy than the traditional amount of privacy provided by Bitcoin. The Zcash cryptocurrency was developed from Zerocash system, which was, in turn, an improvised version of the Zerocoin protocol. The total supply of the coins is capped at 21 million. At block number 347500, an upgrade is expected to be done in the form of a hard fork on 25th June 2018. Zcash network is in a threat as the miners had gained control over 40% of the total number of the blocks. A similar threat was hovering over ZenCash and Bitcoin Gold when they had gained 51% control over the networks. The ASICs are proving to be dangerous to them and let us hope that the upgrade would bring some sort of solution to this problem. The network currently is in the Sprout stage which is less secure and the next stage which is the Sapling stage will observe the adoption of better protocols for higher Security. This had remained as one of the bullish coins amidst the bearish trend.


    1. Monero

Focusing on privacy and decentralization the cryptocurrency the decentralized cryptocurrency coin was created in the year April 2014. The protocol uses proof of work for time stamping and CryptoNight as it’s Hash Function. The coin provides enhanced privacy which has attracted the number of illegal activities under its domain. According to reports, in the Global ransomware attack, WannaCry, the hackers converted their proceeds in Monero. It provides all the features of privacy without any compromise in the Decentralized nature. The transactions here are so secure that the sender and the receiver just cannot be traced by a real-world person. Recently in the cryptojacking case in Japan, almost 16 of them have been arrested. It is even said that Monero was mined through malware which contributes to 5% of the total amount.


    1. Nebulas

It specifically provides a search framework for all the Blockchain platforms. It is an incentive-based and a self-evolving Blockchain system. It is also referred to as the Google of Blockchain. It aims at the conversion of the Public data into the Private data without giving power to large corporations like Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc to manipulate and take advantage out of it.


    1. Hshare

It is based on a hybrid Technology which takes various concepts from different existing coins to enhance the strength and lower the drawbacks. In its consensus algorithm, the cryptocurrency uses both proofs of stake and proof of work concept. It provides with an increased privacy where the transactions can be verified without revealing the identities.  This particular cryptocurrency coin is also Quantum resistant. Quantum computers are the computers which possess more than two states and gave better brute Force computing.


    1. Cybermiles

It provides the e-commerce companies with smart contract templates to facilitate faster incorporation of the Blockchain Technology and hence improvising the overall functioning. In some instances, it is even compared to Ethereum and is regarded better than that. It maintains a low transaction fee irrespective of the size of the network hence it is the preferred option for most of the large-scale companies. The smart contracts here can be developed in multiple programming languages and also it facilitates with a feature called proactive anti-bug mechanism. It has multiple advantages over both Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchains.


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